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Team Prostate

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Thank you for the time you're investing in learning more about Team Prostate. This is a journey that began with years of involvement in cancer awareness including active participation with the D.C, Cancer Consortium. My driving questions with awareness efforts have always been, "what's next?", "What happens after the walk/run or the golf tournament?", "What's the 365 day plan?" The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, and the number actually doubles for African American men. But it's quite treatable with early detection. Team Prostate is a peer to peer initiative to drive the conversation among men and their families and to turn it into action. It's about helping family and friends to help friends. The website is designed to help navigate through the many questions and to provide answers and options when faced with making a decision. We all can have a dramatic effect simply by encouraging others. There is no better way to explain the need and the benefits than to take a moment to visit I built this site as a first generation to address the needs in the D.C. area as Washington has the highest rate of prostate cancer in the U.S. To date Team Prostate has been self funded. The immediate goal for funding is for acquiring a 501c3 non-profit status to become eligible for grants and additional funding. The next element of the Team Prostate website is an add-on program. It will be designed to build a closed social community for users to join, create, and manage teams in your personal effort to change lives. The add-on software will also build the platform for Team Prostate to provide resources on a natioanl level. This is not just a D.C. effort. My goal is to solicit national funding for a global program. But it all starts here. Once you start the conversation I believe you will be amazed by how many men in your life have a personal experience with prostate cancer. It begins with asking the question. "Have you been checked?" Your help in accomplishing these early goals mean so much. But if nothing else, please visit the site, ask the question and share it with others. I'm constantly working to make changes and improvements to the site and it needs your help. Thank you very much.



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