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In October 2013 I qualified to represent Team USA in the 2014 World Championship taking place in Weihai, China for the long course triathlon! The race will take place in September 2014. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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My Team USA Story

In early 2013 I began training for my first Ironman. An Ironman consists of 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a full marathon (26.2 mile) run and you must finish before midnight. I had run 13 marathons before this race so I felt I was ready to begin the Ironman journey. Little did I know what opportunities would come about due to this intense training.

Not long after I began training I found out about Team USA’s qualification requirements. In order to qualify for Team USA you must place among the top in your age group at the national championship. The particular race I wanted to qualify for was the long course. The long course is a half ironman distance and consists of 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run. I thought “wow, that would be amazing to qualify”. I didn’t fully believe in myself at this point.

After three months I noticed that I was getting much faster. Even though I thought it was still a long shot to qualify for Team USA I thought to myself “What’s the worst that can happen? It’ll be a success to at least go after it in a passionate pursuit!” The moment I clicked the button to register I felt a rush of excitement and my training kicked into a new gear! With every training week I began to believe in myself more and more. Sure, there were weeks when the dream felt hopeless but I stayed the course and reminded myself that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain!

A couple weeks before the race I pulled a muscle in my neck. I was unable to train for a crucial week leading into the race. It was a scary and sickening feeling to think I might not be able to even make it to the race. Luckily, I healed faster than expected and I got back to work!

Race week I drove down to Anderson, South Carolina feeling ready but very nervous. That Sunday came fast and before I knew it the gun went off and I was racing toward my dream! The course was technically challenging boasting many hills on both the bike and run courses. With sage advice from my coach I was able to execute a smart race plan and when I crossed the finish line I realized I had actually qualified for Team USA! A month later I finished my original goal of completing my first Ironman!

I was elated but then I quickly realized the daunting price tag that comes with such an opportunity. I was already deep in the hole financially from the costs I had already incurred for chasing the dream. Triathlon training, equipment and races are not cheap. International travel is not cheap. Put those together and an athlete’s wallet is punished more than their body. I’m determined to work hard to save as much as possible. However, any help would be greatly appreciated.

My goal is to earn a medal at the world championship! It won’t be easy but with enough hard work and financial support I believe it’s possible! Below you can read about the breakdown in expenses.

Triathlon & Team USA ESTIMATED Expenses 

*I’ve indicated that some of the below costs are reoccurring. This means that I have to continuously purchase these annually or more frequently.

Travel – $10,000

Airfare -$2,000
Land transportation – $300
Bike shipping – $1,200
Lodging – $3,500 ($250 + 14 days)
Food – $1,000 ($71 + 14 days)
Visa – $250
Doctor checkup/shots – $250
Time off work

Mortgage/Bills – $1,500

I’m a contractor which means I get paid by the hour. If I don’t show up I don’t get paid.

Triathlon Equipment – $11,020 – $3,390 = $7,630

Swim – $920 – $440 of previously purchased items = $480

Multiple pairs of goggles – $100 (reoccurring)
Swim shorts – $80 (reoccurring)
Training Swim caps – $40 (already purchased)
Wetsuit – $400 (already purchased)
Master Swim classes – $300

Bike – $8,950 – $2,950 of previously purchased items = $6,000

Triathlon Bike – $2,200 (already purchased)
Wahoo Kickr (Indoor bike trainer) – $1,100
Bike GPS/Speed/Power/Cadence meter $500 (already purchased)
Bike Shoes -$200 (reoccurring)
Bike shoe clips – $100 (reoccurring)
Bike shop maintenance/labor – $500
Tires, tubes, chains, etc. $500 (reoccurring)
Race day Wheels – $700 (multiple rentals) or purchase ($2,000-$4,000).

Will estimate $2,500 for now.

Aero helmet & non aero helmet – $250 (already purchased)
Bike glasses – $100 (reoccurring)
Multiple Cycling shirts – $500 (reoccurring)
Multiple Cycling shorts – $500 (reoccurring)

Run – $1,150

Running apparel

Multiple shoes – $400 (reoccurring)
Running shirts – purchased long ago, not included.
Running shorts – purchased long ago, not included.
Running jackets – $200
Running pants – $200
cold weather specific – $350

Training – $6,710

Sports Nutrition – $4,200 ($350 x 12 months)
Coach & Training Plan – $2,000 (at least)
Gym membership – $360 ($30 x 12)
Master Swim classes – $350

Races – $1,670

2014 World championship with Team USA in China – $300
2104 National championship for 2015 World championship/Team USA qualifier. – $200
2014 ITU Olympic distance triathlon. $170
Other 10 mile races, 5K, 8K races. $1,000

Team USA – $600

Uniform & apparel $600

Estimated Budget: $30,000
Minus Equipment Already Purchased: – $3,390
Total Estimated Budget: $26,610

Don’t just take my word for it. Below are some additional estimates for the cost of Ironman/long distance triathlon: - estimates $7,900-$34,800 - estimates $7,300-$26,500

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