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Team AccesSportAmerica Boston 2012

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PBIS team at Tynan is up to more good....

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EVENT: 2012 Boston Marathon

EVENT DATE: Apr 16, 2012

Craig Estee


     Friends, I need your support. On April 16th 2012, I will be running in the 116th Boston Marathon as part of Team AccesSportAmerica.

     Last year I was approached by Access Sport America to run the 2011 Boston Marathon on their team, and to raise funds for them. Having never considered my self a "runner" in the least bit, I quickly declined. But then I thought about how lucky I am to be where I am, born the way I was, raised in the environment I was raised in. Not to get all melodramatic, but I thought about all the budget cuts, limited opportunity, and bureaucracy my students and their families face. I decided I was able bodied and dedicated enough to do it. So I trained, I raised funds, and I ran. Miraculously, I also finished.
     This Fall, Access Sport America approached me again for the same commitment. I hesitated. Then, it occurred to me, again, that I have no excuse NOT to. I am in a position where I can help an organization that helps the kids and families that I work for. And by extension, we ALL have no excuse not to help. (that's called a 'hook', if you are scoring at home).
     Please click my link and donate any amount you can. Leave a message or be anonymous. Leave a message of support, or rip me a new one. Leave $10,  or $500, or whatever amount you can. I can assure you it is money well spent. This organization provides Boston Public School students with severe disabilities access to high challenge sports with a can-do attitude. They are good people. They run a very tight ship and they are on a mission. This is a non profit organization that you can feel proud to support. I am giving it one last push this year to run 26.2 miles (and the hundreds of miles that lead up to it) and raise funds for these guys. Please help!

If you could share this with anyone I missed, please do.. thank you!


     The back story:

     As a veteran Boston Public Schools special education teacher, I have witnessed first hand the positive impact ASA has on our cities youth with significant disabilities. When given access to programs such as: adaptive biking, adaptive sailing on the Charles River, and adaptive team sports; my Boston Public School students thrive on the challenge. These opportunities are truly once in a lifetime opportunities (for many of us).  ASA adapts sports that the most agile of athletes find challenging and bring these sports to children and adults with disabilities. The exhilaration inherent to each sport is just a part of the experience which fosters positive change in function and fitness as well as attitude and expectation for a life lived with a disability. Programs are designed to promote each person's highest physical and athletic potential while cultivating social and emotional well being. We are seeking to create a community where differences are diminished, blurred and often erased. The programs are designed to build a community of relationships that last a lifetime.The experience teaches and models the process of seeking and achieving hard-to-reach accomplishments. Ross and his staff at ASA have provided such opportunities to our cities most under served youth in a positive, upbeat, educational, and empowering environment.

     I am proud to have worked closely with AccesSport America over the years, and it is an honor to be running the 2012 Boston Marathon on behalf of this forward thinking organization. Please contact me at, if you have any questions :)  Regardless, thank you for taking the time to visit, and remember that every little bit helps.

     Please help me support this fantastic non-profit organization, which provides access to high challenge sports to children and adults with disabilities, by making a tax deductible ($10, $26, $50, or more) donation today!




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