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Team Johnson Angels run for A-T

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Tina Hines


The Johnson’s Story:
Ryan and Addison Johnson started out with the intentions of most newlyweds—to buy a house, start a family and build their careers. But a rare twist of fate changed their future forever.
By the time their three-year-old son Ayden was accurately diagnosed with Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), Addison was pregnant with unexpected triplet girls. Seven months after their birth, the girls were also diagnosed with this very rare disease. A-T is an incurable, unrelenting disease that causes a progressive loss of muscle control, severe immune system problems, and a very high rate of cancer. The prognosis for the four Johnson children is shocking.
Research tells us that 7 year old Ayden and his four year-old triplet sisters—Alivia, Payton and Riley—could probably die from respiratory failure or cancer by their teens or early twenties, it is likely that these frail children will all be dependent on wheelchairs by the age of ten—not because their muscles are too weak, but because they cannot control them. To complicate the situation, 70% of A-T children develop immunodeficiency that causes serious recurring lung infections and/or life-threatening pneumonia, lymphoma and/or leukemia cancers, diabetes, difficulty swallowing and slowed growth.
There is no cure for A-T, and there is currently no way to slow the progression of the disease. But you can help us in our quest to help the Johnson children—and others like them—by supporting A-T research and making




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