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EVENT DATE: Jun 06, 2011

Seher Sen


Meet Keenie!

Keenie is my very good friend Alex's son.  There they are in the photo.  When you look at them, you just immediatly get happy because they are as loving as one can be.  Keenie is a wonderful boy who happens to be autistic. We'd like to get him a specially trained dog! The dog cost $12,000!!! Yeah, I know that's insane! No, the dog doesn't speak Latin or do the Tango! I already asked. Still, I can't think of ton of things that cost more money and have absolutely no real use.. Things that you can dangle from your ear or hang on a wall. It will take nearly three years to save this money for his family. Three years in a child's life is like eternity. I am looking and I know you are out there, for 119 special people to take on the task of donating 100 bucks each. I know times are tough and a lot of us are broke! Why I had no money to buy TP just the other day;) There are many ways to raise that $100 if you don't already have it just to give it away. All it takes is hope and determination. Hope and determination that you can and will help a little boy. So please join us, be one of the 120. 120 people who took the time to become part of something awesome!  We can do this in just two weeks, why make him wait two years??  I promise you, you will feel awesome, knowing you made it possible for Keenie and his loving family a little more peace each day!



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