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Team Mercado & Zellner Hogan

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Team Mercado/Zellner Hogan is compromised of two people who have had their lives drastically changed due to stomach cancer. Karla Mercado is a gastric cancer survivor and is currently 3 years post pre op chemo, a total gastectomy and then post op chemo. Karla complained to doctors for over 4 years and was told by several doctors, she saw knowing something was wrong, that she was depressed or had anxiety and was given medications to help her ,with stress. The entire time a linitis plastica tumor was growing in her stomach. Even despite the fact that her stomach was obviously distended and she was having trouble eating, not one of the doctors that examined her did an endoscopy to see what was causing her symptoms. Finally, she saw a doctor who did an endoscopy and she was given the news that changed her life. When she was 14 weeks from being terminal and would have been unable to have surgery to remove the tumor, I contacted a few friends in the medical field (since I am an Registered Nurse I had a lot of resources), and Karla was referred to one of the best gastric oncologists at the cancer institute in Central NJ. Persistence and the excellent care and treatment plan from the cancer center saved her life and by the Grace of God and an excellent surgeon and oncologist, Karla is still with us today and recently celebrated, when 2 years post op and cancer free, by having a formal celebration & renewal of her wedding vows. All the people, family and friends, who supported her through her battle joined her, her husband Carlos, their three lovely children and her 1 year old granddaughter. A granddaughter she wouldn't have been with us to know, attend her birth, and see her grow up. All who celebrated her life and her 25 year marriage where fortunate to be a part of the life of a loving, caring friend who almost had her life cut short much too early.
My involvement in "No Stomach for Cancer" is twofold. Of course, I am grateful for the life of my friend, who is my sister in my heart and my neighbor, a friend who helped me through my three surgeries after being injured while working as an RN and now being permanently disabled from the severity of my back injury, surgeries and chronic pain. Karla has been my support system since prior to her diagnosis in 2010, after my injury in 2006. Karla has been my friend, confidant and support through my surgeries and rehab, as I was for her, after her surgery and chemo. I couldn't imagine my life without her and will be forever grateful for the doctors who properly diagnosed her in time for her to be here with us today. Also, in 1979 when I was 15 years old, I lost my father to stomach cancer. Being the youngest of 4 children and the only daughter I was "Daddy's Girl" in every way. But, he missed all the major milestones in my life by losing him to stomach cancer in 1979. My Dad never met my husband of 28 years or was able to give me away to my life's love at our wedding, never got to know my son and never got to see me graduate college and receive my nursing license. Every day he is in my thoughts and stomach cancer stole him from him at an age that was very difficult knowing all I would miss without him in my life and all he would miss. But, I know he is looking down on me and proud of all my accomplishments. So, I dedicate my fundraising efforts to a man who was my entire life, until I found the love of my life, and a man who was a wonderful person, loving and caring father and was taken away by this disease before he was able to celebrate my life's accomplishments with me. Daddy, I love and miss you every day and will do my best to make you proud of me one more time but raising money to help with stomach cancer education and research so no other daughter ever has to miss all that I did by not having her father with her because he was taken much too early.


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Coral Zellner Waddell

Coral Zellner Waddell


Dedicated to, Paul Zellner, Sr., a wonderful husband of 36 yrs., lost at 59 yrs. old, to stomach cancer. A Veteran of WW II, US Army fought in Europe. Our 4 children taught to be a close family, since he was raised in an orphanage. We lost Paul too early, diagnosed: terminal with metastatic sites. He was given 6 months, taken from us 6 months later, a Veteran who died Memorial Day, 1979. Due to his illness, Paul wanted a Sweet 16 for our daughter; we knew he would never see her married. Paul didn’t get that celebration, give away our only daughter to the man she chose to share her life with or have their special dance. Paul would sit at night brushing Susan’s long blonde hair, called it "spun gold," singing "Daddy's Little Girl". Now, 34 years later she cannot stay for the Father/Daughter dance at weddings, a dance she never had. Paul did see our 3 son's married; know 4 of our 6 grandchildren. Susan met her life's love, married in 1985, then 20 months later had our second grandson. Paul would have been so proud of her, volunteering on First Aid, like Dad had an EMT then EMT Instructor. Susan's son Bryan continued, 3rd generation volunteering; a fire explorer at 14, fire fighter at18 an EMT at 16 continuing the tradition to serve the community. Susan became an RN knowing her Dad father would have been proud as he watched down on her at graduation. Her desire to care for people; show care and compassion shown her Dad was her drive to be a nurse. At graduation Susan dedicated her RN to her Dad. Susan chose to work where her father was diagnosed with his terminal illness. Our grandchildren graduated college, 2 teachers, 1 computer tech, 1 social worker and our youngest a BS in Fire Science in 3 years, then on to become a paramedic. Bryan continues the tradition working as a fire fighter & paramedic. Paul would be so proud of his family and all their accomplishments. I only wish he could have been here to share their successes in life with them, because, he is truly missed by all of us who loved him and even those who didn’t get to know him. 4 years ago

Kendra Haueisen

Kendra Haueisen


In memory of my parents and my husband's parents 4 years ago