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Shruti's Photo

BENEFITING: Daraja Education Fund


EVENT: Bay to Breakers 2012

Shruti Tewari


Jabiz Raisdana wrote -

If you are reading this post it could mean one of two things:

  1. I have sent you a link directly via Facebook or Twitter. You are a good friend, family, or a member of my online network
  2. A friend has shared this link with you via Facebook or Twitter or email and you have no idea who I am.

Either way Team Raisdana is asking you for some help. (Again)

How you can help:

  1. Donate any amount you can afford at this time.
  2. Donate and share the link to this blog post with everyone you know on Twitter and Facebook and email
  3. Donate and share the link to this blog with everyone you know on Twitter and Facebook and email, and join The Team. Write your own post, make your own video.

What is Daraja?

Daraja Academy is a boarding secondary school for Kenyan girls with top academic scores and exceptional leadership skills but no means to continue their education. The academy provides shelter, food, healthcare and counseling services. Daraja Academy changes girls' lives, but Daraja also changes the lives of the volunteers, employees and board members!  Daraja has changed my life for the better!!


Bio from last year: Esther has a strong will that is encompassed in sadness. She is from a single mother with 5 older brothers, and a younger sister. Esther was fortunate to attend a primary school for needy children that gave her a solid educational background and of all the new Form 1 students, she scored the second highest on her 8th grade examination. Although Esther had a great education, she was pressured and abused by the headmaster of the school.

Esther has overcome a great deal. To see her at Daraja Academy, she is smiling and there is hope in her eyes. Because of the many good people supporting her, Ether has learned to communicate her needs to others, and to take care of herself. Esther has found people who love her and support her, and she has embraced this new family from the beginning despite the hurt she has had the past.

Today at Daraja Academy:

Esther has overcome more than most people will ever have to face in their lives. A calm, confident Esther says the happiest day of her entire life was “when Mr. D told me I was a Daraja girl. I knew that without the opportunity, I would not be able to finish school. I would have had nowhere to go.” Esther had a teacher from primary school take her in, and the last time Esther went home to visit her, she had been attacked by a guard and ultimately lost her life.

“Nothing is more important than my education,” Esther said. “I overcome difficulties because that is what we must do. For me to have a future, I focus on my education.”

Esther also worked on her confidence this past year. With many public speaking assignments in her classes, she said she had to trust in herself, and believe that she could do well in front of a group of people. Esther is also a talented singer, dancer, and loves being a part of Daraja’s drama club.

Thank you so much everyone. Let’s spread the word and rai$e $ome ca$h.


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