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Team Up Mentoring, Inc.

Team Up Mentoring, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Nov 23, 2015
Tax ID: 20-4927509
BASED: Monroe, GA, United States


Team Up Mentoring, Inc.

What We Do:

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Team Up Mentoring connects the key elements of a child’s life in order to foster growth and success through building long-term relationships with children, collaborating with all stakeholders, and providing resources and skills for the entire family.  Team Up commits to children between the ages of Pre-K and 2nd grade, then journeys with them and their families until they complete high school.

Our vision is that all young people practice spiritual and emotional health, possess the skills they need for employment and managing finances, live in safe and affordable housing, and reach their highest educational potential.


Tax ID: 20-4927509 •


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