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Tehya needs a Pacemaker

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My dog Tehya believes that she was put on this earth to dispense slobbery kisses to every person that she meets. She is a consummate wiggle-butt, and a champion tail wagger. She is always gloriously joyous. At least she was up until Christmas Eve. Tehya is a 6 year old female American Pit Bull Terrier but her vet says she is 100% LoveBug. She is the best example of the breed - happy, loyal and loving.
Tehya has been diagnosed with 2nd degree AV node block. Her heart rate is now about 36 - 46 BPM. She faints and collapses. Tehya needs a pacemaker. The vets have placed her on terbutaline to increase her heart rate but it makes her sick and hasn't increased the rate that much. We have been told that a pacemaker will cost about $4000. My boyfriend is disabled, and I make little more than minimum wage. The cost of Tehya's surgery is impossible for us to meet. We are agonized over this whole thing. I cannot let my dog die, she is Mike's companion dog, and to not provide her the best of care is (in my heart) akin to abuse and neglect. She won't live long without the pacemaker to keep her heart beating.
The wonderful Veterinary College at Missouri University have offered to do the surgery for a discounted price but the pre-op tests and travel expenses are still more than we can afford. Please help us get veterinary care for our dog.



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