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CROWDRISE : May 01, 2012
Tax ID: 04-3452763
BASED: Boston, MA, United States


Education and Fitness

Founded in 1999, Tenacity has served over 35,000 Boston students with our high quality school-year and summer programs. Our aim is to impart the skills and resilience needed for underserved youth to succeed in school and life.

Tenacity’s mission is to enable post-secondary success by improving the scholastic, character and physical development of less advantaged urban youth through a combination of literacy, life skills development, family engagement, and fitness/tennis.

Offered in partnership with Boston Public Schools, Tenacity’s programs provide a Pathway to Post-Secondary Success through a combination of academic enrichment, mentoring, family engagement, and tennis/fitness coaching which together improve educational outcomes for students, increase graduation rates, and help transform the lives of the youth we serve.

Tenacity's school-year programs serve less-advantaged students in Boston with our:

Elementary Program - teaching tennis to 4th and 5th graders.

Middle School Academy - is an intensive, three-year program that focuses on improving students’ academic, tennis, and fitness skills, while simultaneously nurturing social/emotional development and engaging families.

College Prep - providing students with personalized, one-on-one support – starting with the high school selection process and transition into the 9th grade – then continuing throughout high school and the preparatory steps for pursuing college or other approved post-secondary opportunities.

Post-Secondary Services - promotes the continued success of our post-secondary students as they face the challenge of college or other pursuits leading to productive and rewarding lives. Whether heading to a four-year college, pursuing vocational education, or enrolling in a gap year program, Tenacity remains actively engaged by supporting access, persistence, and completion.

Tenacity's summer programs serve youth in Boston and Worcester:

The Summer Tennis & Reading Programs in Boston and Worcester serve over 5,500 youth with a free, six-week fitness and literacy program that keeps kids active and occupied during summer recess.






Tax ID: 04-3452763 •


Tenacity Marathon Team 2018

Tenacity Marathon Team 2018

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17% Raised of $125,000 Goal

Tenacity Marathon Team 2017

Tenacity Marathon Team 2017

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Tenacity Boston 2016

Tenacity Boston 2016

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108% Raised of $125,000 Goal

2015 - Tenacity Marathon Team Fundraiser

2015 - Tenacity Marathon Tea…

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126% Raised of $100,000 Goal

Tenacity Marathon Team 2014 Strong. Engaged. Committed.

Tenacity Marathon Team 2014 …

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126% Raised of $150,000 Goal