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Tenderlove Community Center

The mission of TenderLove Community Center is to help homeless, near homeless and low income women achieve stable, self-supporting lives for themselves and their families. We seek to break cycles of poverty and homelessness through programs that teach skills to enter or re-enter the job market after traumatic circumstances such as survival of domestic violence, previous incarceration, or homelessness. Tax ID 45-4766711


The vast majority of homeless resources that are out there center around giving the homeless individuals resources but not necessarily teaching them something that they can use to make a living

Programs that provide food and temporary housing are important.  What it really takes to escape from poverty is the kind of year long mentoring that is provided at TenderLove community Center,

We offer a twelve-month program that teaches women independence and self-reliance using sewing as the platform.  The course is offered free to qualified women.  It is 6 hours per day, 4 days per week for 50 weeks. The duration of the program is designed to provide stability and continuity, as well as a safe place to go while women reestablish themselves