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Tenderloving Elderly Care-Giving Back to Those Who Gave.

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Tender-loving Elderly Care was established to give back to our elderly men and women who need a "Pick-me-up" and to know they are cared for. When grandmother feel ill she ended up in a nursing home.

Upon a visit a few years back, I noticed her hair was a mess, and her once lovely nails were not painted. What I didn't know is these services are extra and not covered by Insurance. What really broke my heart and gave me momentum to help the elderly today was that and her monthly allowance had run out; therefore, she could not afford to feel like a human. Grandma needed her hair done, and her nails done.

After excusing myself to cry in the bathroom I went back and gave the nursing home administrator $100.00 so Grandma could get the pampered treatment for the day. I ended up asking around the home if anyone else could not afford to pay to get their nails painted at the least. To my surprise many other residents' lack in funds in their account to clean up too.

Although my grandmother has passed away, it is my mission in life to make sure all elderly people have the basic grooming and care regardless of their funding or their insurance. For the last 4 years I have been giving 1 lucky resident in a home the ability to get both their hair and nails done whether male or female; however, recently, my pay was reduced and I am struggling to provide this wonderful, valuable service. The appreciation from this generation is beyond words. There are so many elderly in homes today and many have no-one to show them that they have value and someone cares.

My goal is to pay for instead of 1 resident; 4 residents a month, and allot them the foo-foo treatment as if they were rich for a day. The reward is amazing as these elderly come to life when they feel good about themselves again. This is what my charity does for the elderly. Can you help me help this demographic? My expenses for my goal break down to this:

$50.00 a month per resident, times 4 residents per month= $2400. Anymore donations than the goal will be used to increase the number of those in homes that get their hair and nails done.



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