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Mission Statement: "Helping Children Play Their Way to a Better Future"… Tax ID 45-2660031


Dear Donor,

It is very important to me that you know the story behind tennis for a better life foundation and the reason for what we are doing.

Many years ago, as a young boy in a small town in Africa, I (Paul Segodo) was given a racquet and a tennis ball. Little did I know those two equipment were going to be my ticket to a better life. At the age of nine, I was offered a tennis scholarship to come to the United States and to train at International Tennis Academy (ITUSA). After traveling and participating in many tournaments including Davis Cup, at the age of eighteen; I decided to pursue a college education.

I received a full tennis scholarship to Palm Beach Atlantic University, and earned my B.S degree. Today, I am using a tennis racquet and tennis balls to earn my living. With the opportunity that I was given to me by people and the help of God, I was able to play my way to a better life. I want to give the same opportunity to other children who are less fortunate, like I was but very gifted in the game of tennis. With your help, we can help these children play their way to a better life. Please join me on the journey of changing lives, creating hope, and giving children a better future.

 There are millions of children who want to play the game of tennis but don’t have the proper equipment nor do they have the court needed to do so. I know we can’t fix the problem of the world but we all can do something. Lets rebuild these tennis court for the children in Benin Africa. Lets give them a court that can possibly change their lives. Would you donate? Would you help this children play their way to a better life. We thank you in advance for all your donations 

 his project is dear to  my heart. In April of last year, 2010, I went back to Benin, Africa to visit.What I saw while I was there hurt my eyes and touched my heart so deeply that I had to do something about it.


The tennis court you are seeing in this video  is located in the small town of Apkapka Dodome in Benin Cotonou. This is where it all started for me. I first learned how to play the game of tennis on that court 20 years ago. It was devastating to see the condition of  the court, but I was inspired by the love and drive the children had for the game. They did not let the  torn net, cracked court, and the missing lines stop them from practicing.


Tennis for a better Life Foundation wants to resurface this court for the  children and for the whole community.  We need your help to raise funds. This money will help us resurface  all three courts, replace the nets, and get a water fountain beside the court for them. I am a living a example of using an opportunity and turning it into something great.


My life has changed completely since the day I was given a chance to play my way to a better life.  Tennis has changed my life. Help me give the same opportunity to other children.


Goal: $20,000 USD = 4,410,000 CFA Benin Money


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