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Morris Community Church

Morris Community Church
CROWDRISE : Aug 15, 2016
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BASED: Morris, MN, United States


Morris Community Church

Support Terebinth Refuge

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Terebinth Refuge is a Christ-centered non-profit shelter and transitional home that will provide strength-based, trauma-informed healing and holistic services to women 18 and older who are escaping sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking. 

Terebinth Refuge will provide short term shelter beds, long term transitional housing and supportive services for women escaping “the life” of sexual exploitation.  This includes; healing of their emotional, mental, and sometimes physical wounds, and providing a safe space for the much needed rest from the chaos they have left, as well as opportunities to receive spiritual healing to become the woman God has created her to be. 

Shelter and Transitional housing will include room and beds for women with young children (5 years and younger). 

Significance of the Terebinth tree:

Throughout the Old Testament Terebinth and Oak are referred to and the reference interchanged. The word used in Isaiah 61:3 which is often translated ”ram” as it’s root, refers to strength and power and can also mean “pillar”referring to a strong leader. Terebinth (pistacia) develops a very large deep and extensive root system and therefore remains green in years of drought, it often sprouts from the stump after being cut. Because of its large size and great age, terebinth tree were places of significance, well known landmarks in the scripture, also seen as a resting place of shelter and shade.

God refers to His children as becoming a “terebinth of righteousness”, a position of resilience, strength and rest to bring Him glory.

Tax ID: 41-1574795 •

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