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Terri Lynne Lokoff Foundation

Terri Lynne Lokoff Foundation
CROWDRISE : Jun 21, 2017
Tax ID: 22-2804790
BASED: Kng Of Prussa, PA, United States


Terri Lynne Lokoff Foundatio...

Early Child Care & ED

TLLCCF is dedicated to making America better by improving early care and education. Our role is to enhance the lives of children and child care teachers and providers in the child care community, and to heighten the awareness of the public to the need and definition of quality child care. We support nonprofit, nonsectarian childcare programs dedicated to excellence and raises awareness of the critical role high-quality early care and education plays in commerce and society. TLLCCF’s funds have directly benefited thousands of children, program providers and students studying early care and education. The Foundation also recognizes and rewards teachers nationwide for excellence and dedication.

The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation (TLLCCF) was named for Terri Lynne Lokoff, a remarkable, caring young college graduate with a degree in early childhood education.  Terri was working in a child care center around Philadelphia at the time she was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 1986.  Terri’s parents formed the foundation so that the work that Terri began with such promise would be fulfilled in her name.

TLLCCF has worked to improve the quality of child care for all children since 1987.  Its continuing programs include Child Care Center Enhancement Grants, The Terri Lynne Lokoff/Children’s TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Awards; recognizing and honoring the best and brightest child care teachers and Lois B. Cohan Museums to Go. 

For over 31 years, TLLCCF has been improving early care and education by funding center enhancements, bringing cultural programs directly to child care centers, recognizing and honoring the best and brightest child care teachers. Our foundation is unique in that it does something that no other foundation does. We promote early childhood education and child care teachers. The money that we raise from contributions help us to provide significant benefits to all children -- special needs, low income and children of abuse.

Child Care Enhancement Grants help child care centers add new equipment to improve health and safety in the classroom and make positive changes to the curriculum. The program has served many needy, and outstanding child care centers in Pennsylvania with cots, blankets and so much more. We have provided roofs, installed new heating systems and renovated classroom bathrooms. 

Our funds have been used by the 50 National Teacher Award winners to enhance classroom curriculum, as well as many other projects that have touched upon health and safety. These programs have added "urban gardens" so that city children could understand where their food comes from and how to make healthier choices.  Another project helped children deal with their emotions and conflicts so as young children they had skills and tools to deal with their experiences and conflicts.  One project and teacher added STEM fundamentals to her Pre-K class so that they could experiment, combine substances, investigate and understand more about the world.  The programs benefit all children with an emphasis on children that are at-risk of school failure.

The Museums to Go program provides $400 to child care centers serving at-risk children and low-income families to bring cultural, art, music, theater and educational programs from outstanding local museums and institutions to the classroom.

Tax ID: 22-2804790 •


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