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Texans Care for Children, Inc.

Texans Care for Children, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Apr 10, 2013
Tax ID: 75-2687008
BASED: Austin, TX, United States


What we believe

We believe our state can be a place that meets the promise of every child, so kids grow up healthy, safe, and thriving.

Each child brings promise for our state. Yet when it comes to our children's health, protection, opportunities, mental health, and basic security, Texas is a long way from delivering on that promise. Our kids are falling behind those from other states.

Real statewide solutions--that would help more Texas kids grow up healthy, secure, and thriving--often require a new approach. We champion those changes in the law or rules on the books. We are a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, home-grown in Texas for decades and dedicated to giving every Texan a good start in life.

Tax ID: 75-2687008 •


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