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Texas Alliance for Action is set up for the purpose of processing the funds for Tax March Austin.

Tax March Austin's mission statement:


Tax March Austin strives to ensure integrity in government by demanding transparency from our elected officials.


For decades, presidential candidates have shared their tax returns with the public to demonstrate their freedom from financial conflicts of interest and fitness to represent America. Throughout the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump promised the American people that he—like the other candidates—would release his tax returns to prove his independence from foreign and corporate interests. Despite intense public pressure, he has not yet done so.  Because of his refusal, Americans have been denied the opportunity to vet his potential conflicts of interest, and have been left wondering why Mr. Trump is so intent on hiding his business dealings and financial ties.

Within days of his inauguration, over one million citizens called on President Trump to release his tax returns, signing a White House Petition that garnered more signatures than any other in history. The Trump Administration’s response? “People don’t care.”

On April 15, we are marching on the Texas Capitol to show that we do care. Americans across the country will, once again, come together to send a clear message to Donald Trump: the President is accountable to the American people, and he must answer to us.

Key Principles

  • The American people have a duty to hold public officials to their promises and demand openness from their government. It is fundamentally patriotic to demand integrity in the words and actions of our elected officials.
  • The demand for tax returns is about more than President Trump’s past business practices; it is about the future of America.  We must not allow the American presidency to be used for personal profit. Public disclosure of Mr. Trump’s tax returns will shed light on global and domestic business interests that may conflict with the great responsibilities of his office.
  • Conflicts of interest between an elected official’s personal wealth and the responsibilities of his office cannot be tolerated. Full divestiture of conflicting assets is the only way the people can know that their elected officials are putting America’s—and not their own—interests first.
  • Allowing secrecy in the financial dealings of elected officials threatens free markets.  Businesses need to know they are participating in fair and honest competition in the marketplace.
  • Tax March Austin is a movement for all Americans. Openness in government is important to everyone regardless of political affiliation.
  • Tax March Austin believes that peaceful, non-violent demonstration and organization is the best way to effectively spread our message. We oppose violence and the destruction of property of any kind.