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There are a finite number of athletic fields available for use in the Triangle area of NC, and all of them belong to someone other than the Triangle Flying Disc Association. So, while we have every right to ask for fields from local P&R, schools, and athletic associations, we often get treated like second-class citizens, receiving leftovers while soccer and other programs get first dibs on fields. Costs are also a significant factor, although we continue to pay what we need to pay in order to run our leagues and tourneys. Even as we try to grow, we find that the field situation seems to grow just slightly WORSE with each passing year, and the options seem increasingly LESS desirable. What's the solution?

We believe the solution is to own our fields and to manage them in a way that promotes the sport of Ultimate to young and old alike. We've come to call this dream of a dedicated set of ultimate fields the "Ultiplex," and it *IS* the answer to the several problems we currently face in terms of enlarging the number of options for play, cost effectively managing the leagues that we have, and for actually generating revenue for TFDA so that we can support and subsidize youth programs, teams, and individuals.



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