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The Giving Tree

We help people be awesome. Tax ID 72-1620801


The Giving Tree provides services to people living in low-income housing. Our Resident Services Coordinators provide resource referrals, advocacy, and direct individualized support to our clients. What makes The Giving Tree unique is our additional programming in community building via art, recreation, education. These programs build the personal potential and self-sufficiency of our clients by encouraging them access parts of themselves that have lain dormant, sometimes for years. We help our clients broaden their horizons, believe in themselves, and participate as creative and integral members of their community.

The majority of our clients have, at some time in their lives, experienced homelessness, trauma, mental health issues, physical disabilities, chronic illness, substance dependency, or situational/generational poverty. Many are transitioning out of life on the streets and discovering that living in stable housing is difficult and requires skills that differ significantly from the skills required while homeless. By building community directly within the sites we serve, we lower barriers to support so that our clients can explore and expand themselves to their fullest personal potential.