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Project BRAD / Thank A Hero

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They rush in to protect us. Whether they are protecting our Freedom, our home, or our life, they never quit! We believe we can not quit on them, either. We are all about helping our Uniformed Heroes! These Heroes include Military, Police and Fire!

Thank A Hero takes a swift approach to issues. Our Uniformed Heroes go into battle daily. Some prepare for the very real fact life will be different when they come home, and some prepare for the chance they may not come home. The government has protocols in place when either of these happen, with little to no delay. However, What happens when they come home injured?

Often times they are put on hold. Money, health care, everything has to be put on hold while they review. That review can take up to 2 years!!! That delay can cause the Heroes savings to be depleted, and financial ruin to begin. This is unjust!

We help the ones who need help - whether it be by paying bills, buying food, getting medical needs met. We help in so many ways!!!

We all know that financial strain causes relationship strain. You can't go out with friends, you can't take your sweetheart on a date. You can't afford to take your kids to a movie. We even help with rebuilding bonds with loved ones.

Project BRAD focuses on long term goals. We are looking at purchasing land, creating Homeless Hero Homes, Memorials, Museums and other things that will help ensure America never forgets!!!



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