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Organized by: Joshua Jones

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Hello Everyone, First off I want each person that reads this to answer 5 simple Questions to see if there is even a need for the Non-profit organization i`d like to start. Those questions are: 1. Do you feel that there is a problem in America? 2.Do you feel that it is a serious one? 3. What exactly is that problem? 4. Do you have an advocate that will help you and fix this problem? 5. So would you benefit from having a non-profit organization advocating your voice and helping to solve this problem? If you were anything like every other American in the United States your answers were as follows: 1. yes, there are many problems 2.yes they are serious 3. Many, Many, Many different answers 4. No one to help me with these problems or to turn to 5. Yes I would benefit from a advocacy that was non-profit and non-governmental Hello Everyone my name is Joshua Jones and I am the founder of The One Life Organization an upcoming non-profit organization. Over the last 2 years of my life I have dedicated my time to designing a very large plan to repair this nation. This plan is something that has never been done before and with your help this plan can be a success for us all in this once great nation. I have felt for a long time that as a nation we some very severe issues and I only see them getting worse, not better. The violence, the hate, the separation of families, and even separation of society as a whole. This is a serious concern to me for my children and their future. I believe that people do not understand how much we need each other. I do not feel that there is one person in this nation that can survive solely by themselves and do it living a happy comfortable life. The unity of Americans in this nation is our foundation and our stability. The further we fall away from each other the closer we are to losing this once great nation. This is exactly why I have come up with The One Life Organization (T.O.L.O.). T.O.L.O. believes that we must bring back the family experience, unify our nation, ensure our environment stays safe, along with bringing back time and money to the hardworking Americans. This is necessary for everyone to feel comfortable financially, to enjoy their life, and to have the ability to sustain themselves and their family for the future. We feel that we can accomplish this mission by focusing in four different areas. 1. Defend human and civil rights by creating a dedicated advocacy that listens and focuses on the concerns of citizens throughout the United States. We can use this information to raise awareness on each of the problems Americans face and then to research the best solution to fix each of those issues. • Too many times it is felt that we are alone and that there is no one that cares to fix our concerns. As well, we cannot solve them on our own. This is exactly why I feel that we need an advocacy the stands up for the people of this great nation. Through this program we hope to solve Americas biggest problems in order to make life better for us all and the generations to come. 2. Combat juvenile delinquency by creating youth programs that will benefit our youth in areas of education, building essential tools for adulthood, promotion of childhood enjoyment, and the concept of responsibility. • In 50 to 100 years you and I will no longer be around, but our children will be. Therefore, supporting our youth is of the utmost importance as for they are our future. Currently we see severe issues within our youth that need to be addressed. 3. Lessen the burdens of the government through information gathered from the advocacy centers and research done by our research teams on different areas of the government like spending, debt, Federal/State law boundaries, and other areas that need help in order to help our federal government to focus our tax money and resources in the areas that need federal support and less in the areas that can be handled among the people and our organizations. • Currently the total US debt is over 65 trillion dollars which includes personal debt that is over 17 trillion held by us. Over 19 trillion is our national debt also known as Federal Government debt. The federal government`s deficit (meaning we spend more than we make) in roughly 510 billion dollars per year. The government is able to continue functioning by borrowing money from other nations like China with interest rates. Building stronger support in the community can help us to shift federal spending and start reducing our total U.S. debt. 4. Create a cleaner safer environment for us all by creating a project dedicated to cleaning up our environment, recycling, and research to find the greenest most efficient fuel, energy, and recycling. • If we damage our environment, then our environment will damage us. As well we believe having a clean environment will make us feel more comfortable and happy. The research on recycling, energy, and fuel all have to do with an idea we have to lower the general cost of living. Our organization hopes that while working on each of these focuses we can begin to eliminate waste. By waste we do not mean just garbage, but as well wasted time, money, and resources. Each of which have led to the spike in the cost of living, debt, and many other problem areas of our lives. Please help me to fund this from an idea to a reality for Americans. Our nation greatly needs your help. Thinking back before the war and during 9/11, as a nation we strived so hard to help each other out, lift each other up, and to be an example to other nations. Not only do I no longer feel this way, but I feel that Americans have lost hope in our nation. Now I am seeing more people than ever trying to destroy this nation. No longer do we work together for the greater good of us all, instead we work towards the greater good of ourselves. We the people of this nation have become self-centered. Please believe me when I say this is not the way. We can and will be a great nation once again, but we need to come together. We need to help out our family, friends, and community to get back up off the ground. As a nation we need to come together to fight the ones ruining our way of life, our freedom. This is exactly why I am starting The One Life Organization, to give us back hope. To give us back the feeling that someone is fighting for our people in this nation. To give us back the belief that our nation will rise again and to be that of which we once were.


Organized by

Joshua Jones

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