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Body Positive

The Body Positive is creating a world in which people are liberated from self-hatred, value their beauty and identity, and use their energy and intellect to make positive changes in their own lives and in their communities. Tax ID 46-1136919


Since 1996, The Body Positive has been achieving this mission by re-connecting girls and women (98% of the people we have worked with are female) to their innate body wisdom so they can practice balanced, joyful self-care, and cultivate a relationship with their whole selves that is guided by love, forgiveness, and humor. Our Be Body Positive Model offers tools that promote self-protection, and resilience against violence directed at the female body. The practical resources we provide heal damage caused by internalized violence, such as eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma, self-harm, depression, anxiety, and dis-regulated self-care. Our research-based peer leadership program produces confident, embodied leaders who use their voices to promote social justice.