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Marina Dyadyura's Fundraiser:

The construction of the largest hospice in Ukraine

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Marina Dyadyura


Today the world is so cruel that concepts such as "humanity", "compassion", "kindness" lose your original, almost sacred meaning. The philosophy of those in power and worldview of the inhabitants, unfortunately, in most cases narrowed to the desire for enrichment, the satisfaction of basic physiological needs. So is that sentence?! Do our minds and our hearts so hardened and we are so spiritually blind that cannot see, as I do every day, those who are condemned, those whose hours and minutes are numbered? Think about people who are terminally ill and are forced to have allotted to them by God in specialized hospitals – hospices. Imagine how much they appreciate every moment spent together with loved ones, as for them, supported them, helped to forget about the diagnosis and death sentence! After all, if the person cannot be cured, it does not mean that he can't help. To make the lives of terminally ill more intense and high quality, not only due to drug treatment, although this is also an important task, but also organizing their life so that people have forgotten about the disease at least for a short time. It is necessary to create such an institution, workers who cared about each ward, and the common people have an overwhelming desire to help instead of pity, sometimes quite inappropriate and absurd. Meanwhile, to join the moral rescue and facilitate the physical agony of terminally ill people can each of us. Today kicks off a campaign to raise funds for the construction of a nationwide hospice. To join it can be anyone. And organizers would like to enumerate were not just throwing 1-10-1000 S from account to account. For us it is very important to transferring money, every thought and realized that hospice is a place not for death but for life; that the basis of its activities is the worldview of humanism and humanity. Transferring a feasible amount of money before returning to their daily troubles and concerns, think about what we spent each day is a gift from God, which, unfortunately, is not given to everyone and could disappear at any moment. Let us all together return into fashion goodness!



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