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The Dangers of Gambling

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I am very stressed out at the moment.

I can't believe I actually sold a physical product online just so I can gamble it all away.

My gambling addiction started out as strictly for fun. I never really played that much, but I was winning small amounts, and it felt awesome. I felt awesome when I had an 18 and the dealer had a 17. I felt awesome when I rolled high on 50/50 chance. It was all merely fun and games.

So then months went by, I played every now and then. But then a thought came to my mind.

If I keep winning with small amounts, why not deposit more and win even more?

This is where it took a turn for the worse. I lost my first big bet of $50 but I merely shrugged it off.

This is now in the past few days.

I decided to sell an item worth $300 on eBay.

I bet all of it.

And I lost all of it within 12 hours.

I couldn't even begin to think about how terrible I was feeling. I was so scared and alone.

I was depressed and thought about suicide. The window is right there. A fall from this height could instantly kill me.

But I was too weak to do it. I couldn't harness the strength to do so.

I knew I had fucked up.

I decided to contact the site admin and asked them to block my account from being able to deposit. I am unable to deposit a single penny.

This is where I ask YOU, Reddit, to help me.

Can you donate a single dollar? Or if you wish, even $5? I really need to recover what I lost, and I need your help.

And with this bone fracture, I'm even more screwed. I have a cast on my left arm and am typing with my right hand, but how am I going to pay the medical bill?

If you wish to help me, I would very much appreciate it. Even to just talk to me, I appreciate it. I really need help. I can however say that I am done betting. It feels terrible when you lose. No one should have to feel what I'm feeling.

If you wish to donate via PayPal, my email is

Thank you very very much for reading this.

Never gamble what you aren't willing to lose. I genuinely wish I had heard that before.



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