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The Domestic Abuse That Never Gets Talked About

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It's a truth that very few talk about or understand: Men get abused, and more often than people realize. Like male victims of rape, there is a tragic lack of understanding and a deafening silence when it comes to making it socially acceptable for men to be seen as the ones that suffer at the hands of others. Trust me when I say that men get beaten, violated, and emotionally scarred every day, because I am a survivor. It is something I rarely discuss; partially because it is painful to recount, and partially because so few people know how to process my truth. There are precious few support groups or resources designed for male victims of abuse, and very little public recognition of the issue. While I am fortunate to have a great life now, the abuse in my past never leaves me. I will never forget, and I frequently have moments that shake me to my core when something unexpectedly triggers a memory that I thought I had buried for good. Those memories refuse to stay in the dark, but most men DO stay in the dark, and that is unacceptable. I am walking in the Refuse to Abuse 5K because I want to give my voice to others like me, to other men that live quietly with what has happened or what is happening to them. We need resources and we need the world to remove the stigma around abused men that paints them as weak and pathetic. I am neither of those things. I am a strong and amazing person whose trust and love got abused by someone that chose to hurt me in every way he could - and it happens to men like me every day. Please consider making a donation to support me as I make this walk and hopefully make someone pay attention. Any support you provide is greatly appreciate and may help someone like me break out of a cycle of violence that too often has heartbreaking consequences. Thank you.



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