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The Great Rebuild Nepal Tuk-Tuk Adventure

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OUR IDEA Bring together a group of individuals and organizations who will travel across Nepal by Tuk-Tuk visiting some of the most severely affected villages while helping them rebuild their communities, deliver vital products and services, and showcase to the world how much help the country of Nepal still needs. On the 25th of April 2016, a group of influencers, beautiful minds and kind souls will kick off the Great Rebuild Nepal Tuk-Tuk Adventure in Kathmandu. Over the course of two weeks, we will be driving from one end of Nepal to the other in Tuk-Tuks, stopping off to rebuild and support the most affected communities by the earthquakes. We want brands and groups to sponsor Tuk-Tuks (see below) and individuals to donate, if you want to get involved, hit us up here! Let's make Nepal great again! Namaste THE DATES The journey will commence on the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Kathmandu on the 25th of April 2016 where we will take part in the local remembrance ceremonies. The Tuk-Tuk adventure will take place for the following two weeks around the country ending on the 9th of May, 2016. THE TUK-TUKs Each Tuk-Tuk will be painted by a local artist in anticipation of the event using the team logo or design provided. Each team will be responsible for driving their own vehicle and the safety there-in. As a group, we will travel in all ten vehicles from village to village spending 1 night/2 days in each community. There will also be local support vehicles traveling with the teams transporting all of the necessary supplies and sponsored goods. THE ASK Each team will be required to fundraise $10,000 USD total to participate in the rally. This will cover all of your teams costs and expenses associated within the two week adventure (flights excluded). Any remainder or additional donations raised above the cost of the trip will be funneled into a local Nepalese charity (yet to be determined) that is actively rebuilding the communities we visit. In addition to the $10,000 USD fee, we are also asking each team to contribute their own products and services at their cost. Depending on the product or service required we can discuss an additional support vehicle for this task. If you wish to donate but do not have the means to participate we have a long list of people that would love to take part and drive your Tuk-Tuk from one end of the country to the other. The Tuk-Tuk would still have your native colours and hand painted logo present and looking great. Any and all individual donations made will be spent on the locals we encounter along the way. None of the donations will be used to pay for the Tuk Tuks or anyone's flights, fees, etc. THE BACKSTORY As reports began surfacing of the shocking earthquake devastation in Nepal, Mike and Max quickly assembled their resources to fly to Kathmandu and assist in the search and rescue efforts. For the first few days they worked on the ground and flew drones to assist some of the world’s best search and rescue teams to find survivors in the rubble. After several days of helping in Kathmandu, they were deployed by the UN task force to a heavily affected area North East of the capital. After spending a night sleeping on top of a bus high in the Himalayas and waiting tirelessly for the local army to give the team direction, the pair realized that their skills and assistance could be better used elsewhere. They convinced a pair of young Nepalese brothers to drive them back to Kathmandu and over the next five days, the newly formed team used their truck to visit remote villages and deliver food and supplies. Amidst this journey, they quickly discovered that their story was going viral and donations were pouring in from all over the world. Over the course of just 12 days, they raised $55,000 USD - far surpassing their initial goal of $10,000 USD – and brought vital aid to over 30,000 people! You can find last years donation page here; this represents 85% of the total amount raised. In total, they were able to provide the following: • 30 generators that brought power to 20,000-30,000 people. • 10,000 meal packs that fed 20,000-30,000 people! These packs were composed of 2 liters of water, a box of juice, a ream of crackers, a bag of rice, and ramen noodles – enough food to feed a small family for one meal. All meals were packed by hand daily by the amazing volunteer families so they could be easily passed out to the refugees and villagers from the truck. • 500 tarps to protect 3000-5000 displaced Nepalese from the elements. • An assortment of kids toys, extension cords, canned foods, tooth brushes, and Oreos (Max insisted!). • Truck rental for distribution of goods (and to ensure we all have really bad backs when we got home). Using social media, the pair were able to share the amazing stories and report back in real time what they were seeing. Max and Mike found that the media and their friends latched on quickly to the heartfelt efforts; everyone was looking for the best way to help and as a result they gave more money as they saw their donation being put to immediate use. Everything was uploaded as it was happening and they were able to make an incredible impact in a short amount of time! They called it transparency through social media. People could see in as close to real time as it gets, where their donation was going and how much it was helping people. Now, their dream is to go back and make an even bigger impact with more time, preparation, and resources at their disposal. Their company designs adventure travels but their passion lies in helping others through relief work.



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