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The Heathen House of Recovery

Organized by: George O'Clair

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Most folks have no idea the amount of aid that prisoners receive. Its staggering the number of hours the amount of money, and the energy expended each day to bring the spiritual needful some small sense of hope and enlightenment, but what is even less known is the rather large number of soon to be released prisoners neglected in this sphere simply because they do not assign themselves to one of the 3 major, mainstream religions i,e; Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism. Its these spiritual paths that receive all the the attention and support, leaving behind a spiritual group starved for guidance . These folk strive daily to broaden their their horizons, reading every bit of literature no matter how mienute it may be. They form book savings clubs so that in a few months time they're able to purchase one necessary book that could be shared with as many as 20 people, taking up to a year to make its rounds. Not only is this community lacking in material, but they are also in dire need of faith based programing. Outreach programs that reflect their values, ethics, and beliefs. Sadly in many cases these folks are forced into programs by state and federal employees that they simple cannot relate to or are in direct opposition to their beliefs where church attendance and prayer is mandatory. Leaving them feeling alienated and resentful. It is the goal of the Heathen House of Recovery to address at least one of these obstacles and create a faith based program to aid these prisoners in the search for their Higher-Self, empowering them to believe in their ability to succeed upon their release. We hope to offer, 1.) Halfway house,to focus on drug and alcohol rehabilitation, for those who follow the Pagan or Heathen. We believe that by providing a more sportive and familiar atmosphere that we can cut the number of failed re-entries by a considerable amount. Such a program would provide a much needed kick-start allowing these men and women to succeed while on parole and/ or probation. This program could also be used as an alternative to a jail sentence. These addictions are the number 1 reason people return to prison. By offering programs tailored to fit the needs of those of the Heathen faith, it is believed that we can enjoy a greater success in rehabilitating them and keeping them on the path of the Nine Noble Virtues Its a Nine Step Recovery program we'll be offering , which is as follows; 1.) Admitted we have a problem with addiction and that we have used our personal power unwisely and destructively. Noble Virtue: Truth. " I stand at the Well of Wyrd, and peering within, i see that addiction is poisoning my Fate". 2.) Make a decision to align myself with the gods and contribute constructively to the tapestry of Wyrd. Noble Virtue: Courage." I call out to the gods for Needfire, and wisdom to overcome that which is destroying me". 3.) Inventory my behaviour patterns in a searching and fearless way. Noble Virtue: Honor. "Guided by the might and main of the gods, I drink deep from the Well of my deeds and take responsibility for what i find there". 4.) Admit to the gods, to another human being and to myself the exact nature of my wrong choices. Noble Virtue: Fidelity. "Holding honesty as my honor, I stand before the gods, my ancestors and a trusted companion, and lay forth the poison i found within". 5.) Ask the gods to help me change my destructive behaviour. Noble Virtue: Industriousness. "Having awakened to who i have been, i choose to lay healthy actions into the Well of Wyrd, with the gods at my side so I may live with honor and luck in the future". 6.) Make a list of "ALL" persons I have harmed, and become willing to make amends to them all. Noble Virtue: Discipline, "Having honestly and completely shared the poison of my past deeds. i choose to attempt to make right what I have made wrong in the past". 7.) Make direct amends to such people whenever possible, except when that action may cause harm to them or others. Noble Virtue: Hospitality, "Realizing that I must let go of who I have been, I hang myself from the limbs of Yggdrasil, slaying who I was, I beseech the gods for the Runes of victory, and reach out a hand to those I have hurt, if it's appropriate". 8.) Continue on a daily basis to take a personal inventory and when wrong admitted it. Noble Virtue: Perseverance, "Having gained the Runes over addiction, I continue to live with meaning, as genuinely as I can, day to day, always remembering that wisdom not lived is a sword not drawn". 9.) With the spiritual awakening as the result of the step, I try to carry this message of recovery to others, and to practice these principles in all my affairs. Noble Virtue: Self-Reliance, "Having awakened to the rich heritage of the gods and my ancestors, and my own constructive power, I go forward in my life to share this awakening with others, knowing that to gift (Gebo) this awakening is the best way to retain it. It is our goal to bring these 9 steps of recovery to those who still suffer,and we believe that we can truly make a difference . thank you for you time and may the gods and goddesses shine brightly upon your path


Organized by

George O'Clair

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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