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The Hope-jg Foundation

"We wouldn’t dream of fitting a little girl with the prosthetic limb of a grown man — so, why then the same prosthetic voice?” Tax ID 46-4754549


The Hope-JG Foundation has partnered with VocaliD (, to launch the I Speak Hope initiative. Millions of people with severe speech impairments due to conditions such as ALS rely on synthetic speech devices to communicate. Yet, they have only a limited set of generic, robotic sounding voices. Voices that don’t fit their bodies or their personalities. Losing your ability to speak is devastating and sounding like a robot for the rest of your life is dehumanizing. 

VocaliD creates custom crafted voices that preserve the recipient’s vocal identity. VocaliD’s voices are powered by people of all ages from around the world who are sharing their voice on the Human Voicebank recording platform ( I Speak Hope is an effort to raise $30,000 or more for the construction of a fully equipped recording booth which will be installed in the planned ALS/MS Residence in Maine. The recording booth will provide residents and people in their community a facility to bank high quality speech recordings in order to create custom voices for those in the community and beyond. 

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