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The Lopsided Showgirl... Making Women Whole Again



Women are living Breastless in America after cancer.... pink ribbons and all. How can that be? I am Alisa, a 13 year breast cancer survivor, former Las Vegas Showgirl, entrepreneur and Founder of My Hope Chest and I was Breastless in America for nearly 3 years. My Hope Chest has discovered the ONLY unmet need in breast cancer treatment... women who desire, having both breasts! Ruth Anne spent 14 years minus both breasts after cancer.... Laurie, 8 years and the stories go on about our Butterflies. They felt disfigured and deformed... "less than whole" with no where to turn when insurance stopped or they were uninsured to attain their reconstructive surgery. My Hope Chest funds Hopes and Dreams... We help women find closure from breast cancer by providing the "final step in breast cancer treatment' Breast Reconstruction. With YOUR help... Research, Education and Awareness are covered by many. Every dollar donated to My Hope Chest's unique mission will "create butterflies and transform lives!" What is Reconstruction? A series of 3 Surgeries that span up to one year! Costs at a "cash pay" rage from $25,000 - $200,000 but MHC negotiates with surgeons for a reduced rate. Our Fees range from a small Co-Pay of $500 (we helped insured women now) to larger Co-Pays of $6,000! A full surgery- Surgeon, anesthesia doctor and facility x3 = approximately $13,500 to help ONE woman. We hope to fund at least one women... or several co-pays with our goal. Thanks for caring and sharing! MHC's Beginnings... In 2003, after my cancer diagnosis and treatment, I couldn't find support for my surgery anywhere. Neither Susan G. Komen or American Cancer Orgs addressed this need in treatment.... locally or nationally. I was astonished there was no help in our country for uninsured or under-insured breast cancer survivors to attain their desired breast reconstruction. I had to work. Just 5 months post chemo I flew back to Las Vegas, landed and went straight into rehearsals. In 6 days I was dancing 2 shows a night, 6 nights a week.... minus one breast. Sharing my story as a young, single women in her 30s, stricken with breast cancer helped the charity take off. We are still grassroots, working and hoping for our big Break to really help those on our wait list... for now, you can be a part of the solution with your donation today. Oh behalf of our Angels, volunteers and butterflies, XOXO Alisa


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