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THE PIRARR FOUNDATION PROJECT -Repainting Smiles For Children





This is a Non-Profit Organization founded in the interior part of Maasai-land of Kenya with the aim of helping the needy Children who never got the privilege of accessing the basic human need of education. It’s dedicated to supplementing literacy and education programs for underprivileged children of the Maa Society and beyond its borders. To build a more superior, quality and a more structured curriculum. Both improve the future educational and economic prospects of the students. The project will allow children of lower socio-economic status to grow intellectually, develop their strengths, and pursue higher education. By creating tutoring, after school, and mentoring programs, by making our initial investment completely sustainable. To further aid these children, and to develop a scholarship program that will significantly support our students as they attend primary school and beyond. Education has a very big role to play in efforts at poverty alleviation in developing nations. Unfortunately, the potential of the former to play that crucial role is greatly undermined by the latter. As a consequence, a very small percentage of the population in developing nations acquire sufficient amounts of quality and relevant education that would prepare them to effectively contribute in bringing the desired development to their societies. Kenya is one such nation. Despite the introduction of free primary Education by the Kenyan government, it has not brought nor has a tremendous impact to the education sector, especially in terms of enrollments; those gains have not been fully consolidated. In fact, due to poverty, many children have ended up dropping out of school. There was very little preparation in terms of infrastructure, availability of teachers, and other relevant equipment before the introduction of Free Primary Education. As such, increased enrolments led to crowding in small classrooms and made an already poor student teacher ratio worse. More worrying, though, is the fear of what will happen once the beneficiaries of FPE move on to secondary and tertiary education. As it is now, access to education is not limited to the lower levels. The School is being set up to help the less fortunate Maasai Child who has the desire to go to school but he/she can’t get it because of the poverty level of the parent, wicked and outdated illiterate cultural practices. There are very few schools in my home District, and the few that are available are poorly equipped and staffed. The number of students who make it through the education ladder to university education is very small. As a matter of facts, it is still customary for Maasai families to withdraw their children from school in order to marry them off and raise money from bride price in order to sustain their day-to-day living status and, deny their boys the right of education in order to look after their cows and goats which is a sign of pride to this community. While the Maasai have many big problems, I am convinced that education is one that needs very urgent attention. Pirrar Hill-Top Educational Foundation will be a savior to Maasai kids who travel a very long distance to access basic and quality education. It will work to reduce the cases of early marriages among the girl child, low literacy levels among the Maasai community around this area and economic empowerment as the society will realized the importance of formal education compared to nomadic life they are used to which is being overtaken by event of time. Mission To build a more superior and structured curriculum that will improve the future educational prospects of our students. Vision To develop a sustainable scholarship program that will significantly support our students in pursuing education. The foundation will start with January 2017 to give a room for construction, legal registration, inspection and enrollment of students. This project will involve the local leaders both administrative and political, church leaders and the community health and social workers for it to meet its overall objectives.



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