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Start Up Syracuse

Organized by: Jay Simmons

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My Truck
June 11, 2016

Pictured is my 2003 Tahoe that I am selling as both, a show of faith and risk, as well as doing the right thing. Please message me here if you See More


About the Cause... This is truly designed to help others. Helping myself help others. Starting here in Syracuse, New York. And if the goal is reached I will give back by picking 3 other Fundraisers here to give back to. All funds donated will be used to purchase materials, equipment and supplies, etc for start-up, office space, and so on. Directly related to the Cause, as I will explain... There's just alot here. And it's difficult to put everything into words. I can see it but there are so many parts to it.

On the business end of things, AS a Business, I strongly believe that the Value and Potential for Growth is here. This will be proven through several channels of the business as it begins and operates. The plans are here for that to happen. Employment Opportunities, Opportunities for Students, Investment Opportunity, and more. I have many details available as far as the business end of it goes. And although I'm only touching on it here, I believe that the amount of work put into the development of these plans has been thorough on these things. The creation of jobs is absolute. A boost to any economy, city or otherwise. But again...That is the business side of things.

On the other end of the business will be Community Involvement. Events, Fundraisers, Community Projects and other forms of giving back. Some already developed. Just waiting.

And, to me, it is more than just an Educational Cause. It is Social Action. An individuals action as an attempt at changing or, at least affecting troubled areas within people, places, jails, and communities. About Creating an alternative. Bringing back the old Summers we remember. It's about Community as a whole. About being an Example. Having the channels in place. Music, art, writing, and having your own voice. I think I could keep going.

But I believe it starts on an individual level. Inside each of us. This is about awareness, self improvement, finding a way out of no way, breaking old ways, positive thinking, persistence, responsibility, integrity, ownership, risks, determination, "manning up," and again, much more.

Some details of the work to be performed are as follows: Community Involvement, Going into jails, schools, etc. Events, Fundraisers, Causes and the Support of other Causes. Speaking and providing materials related to the lessons, videos, etc.

Developing a curriculum based on study materials, topics, videos, speaking events, guests and so on. 

Setting up an improved "Transitional Services" program within the New York State prison system that has all of the most current information, based on each area of the State. Almost like current, but, better.

AA, NA schedules and locations. Information on other Supportive Services Programs, Supportive Living Options, Networks and Contacts, Supports, etc...For Men and Women. I even have an idea for a store, transportation service, delivery service. Designated for reasons and purposes closely related to this section.    :::Sorry, You have to see me for that one. It's kinda Funny too::: :::I actually JUST NOW added to it too, You've gotta ask::: Refer to Notes.

Information on educational options, job outlook information, even interest based information. I know, currently, there are several of these things, But some are not available, or difficult to acquire. As I ran across when preparing for release about 2 years ago.

Maybe an Advocacy service, etc. Expenses could include office space for the Organization and services related to the Organization. Contacts developed by this division could also be of extra use on extra cases...Refer to Notes. Revenue can be generated by other divisions within, self promoting, etc. with these things in mind. However, I expect that to come later, after other things begin.

I have also begun developing a curriculum of sorts that I believe can be used to reach others through positive thinking, videos and guest speakers. Through educational, mind building lessons. Engaging lessons. A different approach than has been used in the past. Coming from someone who has been through some similar things. My story could reinforce that. The videos will help participants stay engaged, as they have kept me engaged, since I began studying them as well as the individuals who make them. They feature many prominent and well known, well regarded, people of thought and mind. Actors, Artists in music and more. But...As I said, this is a very small part in the overall bigger picture. And it truly is a BIG picture. Much of which is outlined in my writing, plans, goals, vision, mission, etc.

I have book ideas that I think can be published. Positive quotes, with messages for each. A daily read book. Coming from someone who has been through it themselves but overcome. Even against some damn tough odds. Ideas on a book on how to effectively network as well as one about instagram ?pointers? that i have noticed. Not used much, maybe, Lol, but noticed and broken down and detailed in writing. Maybe even one about my Life. Or, one like it. Books that can be used as examples on their own, but also go along with the lessons.

I have posters and additional information that could be put up to enhance the likelihood of the information being remembered and practiced. Teeshirts, Stickers, Hats, Mugs, Folders, and numerous other revenue producing forms of marketing that would be supported by the Main Businesses and Divisions. People that could speak, Contacts with businesses, organizations, agencies, etc that will take interest once things are established. Some even noticing already.

I even have a website idea. A crowdfunding type of site designed specifically for helping others.

So... As titled, This Cause is being designed to show the Power of Possibility. To answer the "What-If's?" I've asked myself that question to MANY, MANY things, too many times. So...This is my effort to answer those questions. By doing all I can.

Some of the things that I have begun to do can be seen on different accounts I manage over social media. BUT...There is SO much more than what is posted anywhere. Even all together, it's still hard to see.

I am trying to prove that although it may seem it's "me against the world," as we think at times, ANYTHING can be done. This...ALL of this...Is NOT new to me. As I said somewhere else, it's kind of been a Life's work. Something I've kind of always done. All of it. Just ask and I will tell you my Story. Or, Some of it.

Again, I will pick 3 Fundraisers to give back to once my goal here is reached. A sincere thank you to all in advance for any help and consideration.... Thank You...J...VFT5


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Organized by

Jay Simmons

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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