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The Slum Community Academy




The vulnerable Kids, (V. Kids) for school at the slum community Academy (SCA) is a scholarship program established to aid less fortunate children/child/kids, ( with inadequate one parental care, being orphan, parents/ guardians absolutely cannot afford to send them to school etc.) children in the slum communities. It is a model of the slum community Academy in promoting childhood education (Nursery-Junior High). The program is a national vision. The lives of children stand vulnerable at future. Ignorance of the vulnerable kids’ education voids the society of better future. Thus motivating the slum community academy to educate designed program as she seeks to invest into the kids of slum communities of Liberia. We are appealing to philanthropist, philanthropic organization; government and business institutions and the general public to support this program. Your support to this program shall enhance better future for the kids, slum communities and the nation as a whole.

THE OVERVIEW OF THE S.K. DOE COMMUNITY (A SLUM) IN WHICH THE SLUM COMMUNITY ACADEMY ( SCA) IS LOCATED The place now known as S. K. Doe Community was founded by some internally replaced group of men and women who organized themselves under the name style, the founding Executive committee headed by Amos Togbeson Nyeneh as chairman (still alive) in the year 1982. The displacement of these was due to government, demolition of some community such as the Old kru Town, ( Johensen, Waterside) in 1982 and the coconut plantation community which the than chairman and co-chairman, Mr. Josiah Cooper and Mr. Dixon Sayon, ( both alive) now live and have properties in the S. K. Doe Community(1985). The 1990s civil war of Liberia gave bust to population of this community as more internally displace people were driven from the hinterland to the urban area, especially Monrovia, the seat of government and many took refuge with friends and relatives. Many now have their homes with no hope of returning to the hinterland. More people continue to arrive as government continues to demolish structure in alleys in the city and its surrounding. The population of the community now stands at about 38 thousand inhabitants over 3000 houses. Of this population underprivileged people many are school age kids. INTRODUCTION PHYSICAL FEATURES The land was previous covered by mangrove forest, (swamp). The community is located in a waterway with swampy grounds. It is also located below sea level and becomes flooded when the tide of the Stockton creek or its tributaries get high with this condition residents of the vast community experience flood around their house and most of the time in their houses. Community tenders battle this condition throughout the year by opening drainages to allow the free flow of water to main tributaries of the Stockton creek. It separates S.K. Doe Community from the nearby Clara Town Community, (another Slum). This area is also close to an old village of Samalima in the S.K. Doe community. The entrance of the community was laid out by resident themselves waiting government to intervene. The community itself is not laid out with access roads. Neighborhood connections are made with footpaths and footpaths bridges. The footpath bridges need constant maintenance if residents are to move to and fro. With the help of a philanthropic nongovernmental organization a pipe born water has since been introduced in the community. The only government building in the community is located on the Bushrod Island created Law in 2003) S.K. Doe community structured with other communities to form the political District # 14. Due to its large size the community is divided into three (3) Zones. The Struggle Community known now as success community hope community and cow Factory community . It has its own internal leadership structure. The founding executive committee, the Zone leaders, the elder’s council and the council of tribal chief: The founding executive committee is the highest decision making body of the community. The Zone leaders are aids to the founding executive committee. The council of Tribal chiefs are responsible to intervene in matter concerning amongst any tribal members of the community and its people. The council of elders handles all matters confronting the community. Note: the umbrella youth organization called SADOCA has oversight responsibility for all youth organizations of the community. Economic About 95% of the population of this community is underprivileged, not gainfully employed, no permanents source of income or access to acceptable dwelling places. Overall, they are lack of basic necessities to life of dignity. To sustain themselves and family, they turn to the digging of river sand, mangrove swamp mud, cutting of mangrove trees for wood manual fishing and molding cement block, all for sale. Some are also doing petty trading at a very small scale, (which are from hand to mouth). With the very rapid growth of the community, these sources of their income scare or very hard to find. As a result of these crimes of all kinds become rampant many parents/Guardians cannot afford sending their kids to school. The kids themselves run the community with no sense of direction and the teenage pregnancy overwhelmed.

SOCIAL SERVICE Residents in this community largely depend on bars and individuals shop for gathering. There is no community center to provide social gathering for class of the residents. An open ground that was being used as a play ground for kids has been reconditioned as a football field. And now being a major recreation center for Doe Community and other surrounding communities.



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