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The Zeros 4 Thousand Dollar Show

Organized by: THE ZEROS

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Thank You Everyone for supporting this cause. Right now Live Music Is Not in the same position it was before the internet came along . Venues are closing down by the dozens, this makes it hard for Bands, Recording artists, and entertainers to play live shows. Also digital streaming plays a big role in this along with you tube and other digital download streaming sites... what happens is the Fans pay a subscription to the digital streaming sites lets say 10 to 30 dollars a month ( Sort of like your cable tv bill) the bands music gets uploaded and then the money being made off the song is like a fraction of a quarter of a penny (thats right a quarter of a penny if even that) goes to the artist and this is like, lets say, one penny will go to the artist for say 1 million plays of a song that means the artist is only receiving lets say pennies for millions of plays of there song this makes it impossible to survive as a artist, entertainer, or even to play live. This is where it comes from where Gene Simmons says Rock is Dead And bands of this day will never make it, WHY? CAUSE THERE IS NO WAY THEY CAN ... These digital streaming sites are taking advantage of the artist and making it impossible for the artist to survive at all on there music. Lets now get to live shows... is used to be a NEW BAND recording artist would be able to open for a we'll known act to get in front of people... I know this first hand because bands always begged us when we played live shows for the opening support slot DID YOU KNOW we would let bands open up for us because we thought there music was so good that it needed to be heard, Not any more!! now its like if you are a new group you have to pay the headliner band big money if you have a new unknown band and you want to get a chance to play in front of a crowd cause your band is so new that nobody knows who you are yet to come and see you, so this way the new band can tap into a crowd of people to hear there music without the fans taking a chance to pay to see a new band that they might not like.. NOW!! this is where you come into the picture... the fans, people, company executives.. Millionaires.. and people who just support the arts. and other people who feel its necessary to keep this entertainment art alive and we'll to support this cause to keep it going. this support is the only way it can operate and keep the ball rolling until the music laws are changed back into the artists favor where fans will not have to support this and the music industry will not have to triple dip into the bands money...BY RIPPING THEM OFF FOR ANY MONEY THAT IS WE'LL DESERVED TO BE THERES Remember before the internet came into play there were laws that protected the artist to be able to support themselves. Now with the internet the laws are not written anymore for this kind of situation and this is killing off the music industry and every avenue that the artist has a chance to be able to play live, record, and able to support any kind of live shows, recordings, or anything to do with the music industry for bands or musicians, artists, to survive ... So give what you can to this cause so everyone can experience live music again the way it should be played. Thanks alot and when you see the number for the tally on top of the page don't laugh!!! Put on your favorite record and go my kids will not be able to enjoy music the way i did because MARK MY WORDS THERE WONT BE ANY MORE MUSIC IF THINGS KEEP GOING THE WAY THEY ARE GOING...SO SUPPORT NOW WHAT EVER YOU CAN!!! AND PLEASE STOP TRYING TO FIND POKEYMAN AND GET INTO THE REAL THINGS THAT BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER ... GOOD FUC#*%G MUSIC ... AND LIVE SHOWS


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