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I want to write about my life experience and the nature of life here in Africa.

My name is benard a ugandan. my father is a retired civil servant and my mother is a midwife in a government hospital. She is a hard working person and always caring. I also have six siblings and other cousins since we have an extended family of a grandmother, uncles, aunties and relatives. Am the eldest son in the family.

I was taught Journalism in school and after a long practice, i decided to take further studies in India and managed to hookup with a degree in commerce . I spent four years in the subcontinent.

During my early child hood, my grandpa always called me whenever he was going to milk his cows to seat near him and learn how to milk cattle before i went to school and late evenning before the cows where led to the crawl - it was fan. He always callled for benard his grandson and i could run to him.

Life by then in 1996 was fan. The village was anywhere without any tarmac road and when it rained the whole place was filled with mud, leaves of tress and green grass. Elephant grass was seen everywhere and it was this elephant grass that people used to thatch with thier huts and  the granaries that where filled with millet grains and a few eatables like ripe bananas, mangoes and many other fruits.

Many homes in the neighbour hood had granaries filled with different kinds of food stuffs and sharing during visitations would be the order of the day. During harvests friends and neighbours in these extended famillies would eat the first harvest togather as a sign of sharing and harmony. They would wine togather in the big thick plantations seated around a big pot of tradition banana made wine uncovered from the ground after removing the now yellow banana leaves protecting the pot mouth from germs and unwanted soil from conterminating the wine.

This mature wine was to only be drunk by the elders using the guward or a straw " opiro" and the woman and children also seated around listening to stories and telling the stories too drunk the sweat unfamented wine which was yet to be put and covered underground.

A lot of food was available, vast land for farming, plenty of rains and traditionally peace prevailed. As a young boy we always played in rainny water , run around shrubs while looking after the cattle , sheep and goats. we also watched people plaughing in their gardens using oxen.

However, times have changed with hardly no food, as food prices have gone high, tress have been cut down for chacoal / firewood and most of the land for plaughing sold off due to increasing poverty.

An average ugandan now cant afford a meal of one dolar aday and besides that, the educated dont have jobs and even the selfstarter never has access to begin.

The gready have become more gready and the situation seems to take the history of a top, middle and the low class of people.

The university fees has gone very expensive, and for those who perhaps who have completed school cant afford to do anything empty handed. This alone given the distance between  locations and prevailing transport costs, life has become aquagmaire for people are suffering!



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