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The Alien Agenda

Organized by: Dena Kotka-Holtz

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The world is a magical place with so much diversity. Some individuals move towards religion, some towards science, but, there is a growing population moving towards the Alien’s agenda.
What is the Alien’s Agenda? It is quite simple; they want the people of earth to evolve into a universal consciousness. For centuries, we have been on this path of separation in our evolution to experience this spiritual world we call earth. Now the time has come to gently wake up to the vast universe and the role it plays in our lives on earth. There will be and are much technical advancements to help us transcend to this communion with the universe. The World Wide Web is one of these technological advancements, and yes, these advancements come from the aliens.

So what does this have to do with fundraising? Let’s start with, I am an alien contactee. My first experience that I became aware of and that changed my life happened in 1987. At that time I had no belief in aliens or religion for that matter. A few years after that date, I became obsessed with looking for answers to the experience I had. I eventually came into UFOology and other New Age topics since then.
Today, UFOology would not have any physical evidence if it were not for me. Does that sound cocky? Ha! Actually, the event happened back in the mid-nineties when I became a member of MUFON. Not as an investigator or any other professional but only as an (Somewhat freaked out) interested party. By this time I had read many books on the subject and many articles published by Mufon. In those days, they were making claims of implants placed into so called, abductees. I was outraged at these claims written in these books. I was inspired to write a letter to the head of Mufon at the time requesting that if they were going to make these claims then they would need to add human anatomy drawings into their, “MUFON’s Field Investigators Manual” to document the areas these alleged implants were being placed. I sent a drawing of a male human anatomy. It so happened, that they were coming up with a new addition of the Investigators Manual and since they liked my idea, the head of Mufon asked if I would draw them. I did and last I knew the drawings are still in there with my name next to them. (My name was Dena Miller at the time). No, I have not personally been investigated for my experience in any way and I am not interested in having an investigation done on me or to me. I am only interested in helping mankind from the darkness that holds them from evolving. The aliens have awakened me for this purpose.
It is believed and I totally agree, that it needs to begin with the lower scaled people of the earth and not the higher ups. There are many reasons for this; one reason is that the higher ups do not want change. They are comfortable without serious needs and when one gets comfortable, laziness comes into play. This is not an attack on the higher ups, let me make this clear. It’s just part of the evolution, when we are not expanding, we become stagnant and just sort of go with the flow. The lower scaled people, including myself are not comfortable and we cry out to deafen ears because we are ready for expansion and change. In truth, none need to go without well-being and happiness. We are in this spiritual world called, Earth. We do have laws that have been set in motion from its beginnings in this spiritual world that apply and cannot change. But, we do not have the full grasp on what applies and what does not, quite yet if ever, since we are in a constant expanding universe. In truth, I am not the only one awakened; there are many of us in the world from every age and clime. We play a little part in our little corner of the earth to help others awaken for the good of all life on earth.

Back to the fundraising, my interest is in the helping of healing in an unconventional way through the natural resources abundant on the earth. I feel we have to begin with the healing of people so they can begin to concentrate on the expansion coming before us. I have been inspired and lead to many healing capabilities through these channels. My aim is to raise the vibrations of the humans that want to expand.
In the beginning, I would like to begin a web based healing program through YouTube and a Website with these resources available to all that are interested. Places where the whole process of awakening can be explained and the tools that can be used to help people in their own process of awakening. The tools that can help people can range from just basic information, to human interactions with healers, to the healing energies of the arts of color, sound, light, and the natural resources from the earth. Once there is a larger following, then I would like to move it to an actual healing location, and yes, that place is already in my mind. Once that is established, then we would need more places like it in strategic locations to heal all that want or need healings. Keep in mind, that each individual has to be individually treated and there would never be 100% healing of all people. People have their own agendas and not all want to be here for the expansion. But, a good part of you do and you want the adventure that awaits us in the future.
In conclusion, it would basically be similar to a rehabilitation center. You come in a shattered mess and leave with a totally new version of yourself, ready to live that expanded version of yourself. In which I have personally gone through myself.


Organized by

Dena Kotka-Holtz

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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