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The Amen Code - Mathematical Proof of God Documentary

Organized by: Wrina Iamwe

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TAG LINE: The Bible is coded for a reason. It's mysteries are the codes. If the Bible is coded, there must also be a key to unlock it --  Only numbers can reveal the truth!

The Amen Code fundraiser will help to ensure the production of The Amen Code - Documentary Series, so that we may share the ancient codes that mathematical prove the existence of God; and the social economic plans we have developed to stabilize our global economy - Plan 360. Based on our findings and decipherments of both the Biblical and Gnostic Scriptures.

Willit Monetary System (Live Interactive Calculator)
Global Debt Settlement Calculator
  Instructions Link
Conscious Level Assessment 
(Based on The Dimensional Plot Chart and Existence and Qualtiy Levels - See Details)
The System Core

  1. Watch the Evidence
       (Pre-production Overview Video)
  2. Download the Proof

Get ready for a revelation.


The Amen Code is a 12-hour series and will be a progressive documentary series with sub-series:

The System Core
Solution 360

The Amen Code reveals the biblical codes that mathematically prove the existence of God, the heavens, hell, and immortality; then walks you through the process of decoding the greatest Biblical and Gnostic mysteries.

We also explore the back-story of the Ancient Egyptian sect, the Amen; whom we believe coded the Biblical text, and the Gnostic Codices.

...As the documentary progresses, we reveal the amazing codes and keys to decipher the message the Ancients left for mankind, and document the effects of the revelations in our sub-series.

Man will question everything they have been told and begin to think about what was and is hidden.

The charts created based on the codes within the scriptures reveal dimensions. The dimensions reveal plans...


Dimensional Plot Reference Chart 8
(Unified Field Plane Dimensional Plot Chart - String Theory)

Chart Interrelation
(Interaction Flow Diagram)Chart Interrelation (Interaction Flow Diagram)

The Crossing into Material Existence from the Heavens
(Numerical Chart - Progresive based on Consciosu Level Development)

The 9th Gate - Proof of the Multiverse
(multiple universes and dimensions)

The Eternal Kingdoms - The Tree of Life
(that enable immortality)

Sphere of the Gnostic Codex - Pistis Sophia
(Sphere of the Gnostic Codex - Pistis Sophia)

...The plans reveal the prophecies. The prophecies reveal the true chosen that possess the Divine Right. The Divine Right reveals deceit.

Of the first twelve Hours of the Amen Code Series: 2 hours of the documentary is the back story that has been hidden in plain sight - It is vital that you understand the back story of the ancient sect of Amen, biblical characters, and the Gnostic mysteries; the betrayal, Love, and deceit -- the reason why the text and codices were coded, and why and how the spirits crossed time, dimensions, and space to deliver their message to mankind.

The back story is just as fascinating as the revelations that will be revealed in the full documentary series.

We gauge that 3 hours will be used for telling of our discoveries and for decoding the biblical and Gnostic mysteries.

3 hours is presentation material, diagrams and instructions on the process of decoding the text and codes and constructing the Dimensional Plot Charts, to reveal how the spirit comes into existence, the process to conquer death, and the conscious level required to return to the heavens.

And, 4 hours to tell of the Ancients' designs for mankind. It is important that you understand and are able to visualize the visions of the end.

We will also present evidence to support:

  • The language that must be used to decipher the biblical codes
  • The Origins of man are in the heavens
  • Who the Divine Right of Authority truly belongs to
  • What the prophesies truly state about The World Order / Commandment
  • The Plan for the transition for our social, economic, political, and monetary systems
  • The curse of The Amen


What will your pledged Funds be used for?

Your donation will enable us to film the decoding and explore the role the ancient sect of Amen played in coding the prophecies and codices, and will help to bring both the Gnostic and Biblical scriptures alive.

Free online and public Q&A sessions will be provided to the general public after our backers have had a chance to attend the Screenings, Dinners, and Discussion Series.

We wish to commemorate the combined works of the decryption, and the Biblical and Gnostic scriptures, with a visual documentary film, for this and future generations.

We have four film budgets:
Film Budgets

YouTube Budget (Creative Commons):
The YouTube budget is under 3 million dollars for the first 12 Hours and is our bare-bones budget to the knowledge is disseminated.

Low Budget:
The conservative production Budget is 6 million dollars, and it presents the information in an elegant presentational format.

Major Budget:
The major production budget is 32 million and fulfills our wish list of producing:

A computer simulation of the Dimensional Plot Charts and the Divine and Death Realms and the dimensional portal (worm hole) within the treasury of light
The creation of a free mobile app, with trend analysis, for the Conscious Level Assessment
And, the recreation of many of the biblical scriptures read to you in the Introduction Videos Part I to III.

Fantasy Budget:
Our Fantasy Production has a budget over 74 million and will enable us to create the decipherment and the Revelation scenes such as:

  • The Rider on the White Horse
  • Meeting of the Nations and Armageddon
  • The Woman on the Beast and the Mother of Prostitutes of Revelation 17
  • The Fall of Babylon
  • Pistis Sophia, and the visions of the Wisdom Sophia of Jesus Christ
  • The treasury of the Light and the Tree of Life
  • The descent of New Jerusalem and the Consummation of the universe
  • The Raising of our Dead man from the Valley of Death
  • As well as the visions of Isaiah, Daniel, Zechariah, and Enoch (e-knock), whom play a prominent role in the series
  • And, an interactive mock of the System Core components

Help us reach the 74 million Production Goal

We require your support in order to present this knowledge with High Quality HD graphics, animation, and re-creation scenes in stunning cinematographic format, to ensure the production is on scale with documentaries produced by Discovery, The History Channel, and National Geographic.

We desire to create a professional finished product to ensure this message garners a global audience.

To do so --We require experts in the field of film, graphics, animation, digital physics, and marketing to aid us in creating this vision, and to ensure the message makes it through the maze of dis - information, information overload, advertisements, and financial barriers.

Your donation will be used to cover the cost of forensic data analysis to confirm evidence integrity, and for the contracting of professional HD production and animation teams to ensure this production is worthy of it's subject matter, as well as graphic models; visual effects, animation, the film score, filming the re-creation of events, bringing to life biblical and Gnostic characters; as well as sets, travel, interviews, film website construction and maintenance, online streaming of the film, and marketing cost.

If enough funds are raised (See: Budget 3), a computer simulation of the Dimensional Plot Charts, the Multiverse and the Divine and Death Realms will be constructed so that we can visualize the creation and ascension process. And reveal what we hope will be some surprising developments.

The final product will be on scale with the funds pledged.

Based on Funding Budget I (YouTube Stylish Presentations)

May – July 2014 Funding Campaign
July-August 2015 Pre-Screening
September 2015 Series Release

So far we have completed the introduction video, and the scripts for the series.

There is much more to be revealed in the 12-hour series.

We have built the website and the main information sites, which will require some expert tweaking.

I look forward to your response to the introduction video, and sharing the other Revelations with you. I believe you will find them equally fascinating.


We believe in complete transparency. We will provide a transparent accounting system so that you can determine for yourself how we spend every penny of your hard earned money.

All Funds and Expenses will be posted in the Funds Transparency System (designed by Wrina Iamwe). Each entry will be linked to an itemized receipt/bill/contract.

Accounting & Audits

The Project Accountant and Auditor will have complete autonomy to report to Project Backers, and our State Attorney General any concerns.

And, we pledge to provide all information and documents regarding fund usage, within 7 days of the expense payout, as well as monthly banking statements.

The Accountant will be responsible for entry of all expenses into the transparency system, verifying banking statements and provision of weekly reports and monthly accounting statements to Project Backers.

You can stay up-to-date regarding every detail of our progress online by joining the Film's Project Management Site.

Future Plans for the Series

After the series premiers, it will be made available online for the general public.


Please feel free to contact us regarding film content prior to pledging funds or if you have questions regarding the evidence documents or live online interactive calculators.

AdvanCN was founded in 2010 because of the evidence we discovered, and is a Religious Charity Organization registered with the State of Illinois
Registration No.: 01066842 -- Your donation is tax deductible

Evidence Download Link - Mathematical Poof of God

We hope that you have found the evidence in the pre-production - video compelling, and that you will take our case – and the need to share this message seriously and commit to fund The Amen Code Project.

We have only revealed a fraction of the knowledge that will be revealed to gauge your interest.

Office Phone: (773) 942-6926
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 6:00pm CST

We appreciate your donation.
We will not waste one penny of the funds you entrust to us.

How you can help:
Please spread the word about our funding efforts and signup as a Team Member. You can also help by writing a blog, embedding our campaigns link, and telling your friends and family. Any Help will be appreciated.

Please be sure to subscribe to our updates: SUBSCRIBE

Thank you!

Wrina Iamwe - Trustee of AdvanCN



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