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The Best 4 The World

Organized by: Ken Chin

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The Best in the World but sadly NOT “The BEST 4 THE WORLD”.

Most businesses are striving to achieve to become “The Best In the World” but sadly only a very small percentage are striving to achieve to be “THE BEST 4 THE WORLD”.

What is the definition of “Best in the World”? Does this means the company or product have attained the highest standard that is available in the world or attribute that puts the company in the highest class in the world or a standard-setting excellence in terms of design, performance, quality, and customer satisfaction and value when compared with all similar items from anywhere in the world? Does this mean it is “The Best 4 The World”?

So what is ”THE BEST FOR THE WORLD” definition?  
A designation by building a system or development that caters the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In addition, by creating ideas, initiatives to work together and help build a better world & society by using the best in the world methods.
It been proven around the world that social innovated businesses methods can provide sustainable solutions to our most troubling social and environmental problems.
We Cotton Candy as a Social Enterprise, is working out solutions and methods to build this business model and system with the help and support from community platforms to achieve what is “THE BEST 4 THE WORLD”.

Cotton Candy was setup to address social problems in a more sustainable way by helping charity organisations to SELF-SUSTAIN instead of just relying on donations.
In order to address social problems in a more sustainable method, the solution is to create an organisation that delivers social benefits by using a business like concepts to createSUSTAINABILITY.

We are starting a Charity Candy Machine Program in Malaysia by managing, marketing & servicing the business for children  charity organisations. We  will contribute 25% of the revenue from the machine to all our participating charity organisations by placing the candies machine at the donors, contributors or customers locations. 

We are placing charity machines at locations such as:

  • Government offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Shopping Malls & Retail Outlets

With the support from the communities and philanthropists by engaging our services towards this cause, these candies is given out for FREE to their customers or for their own consumption as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility program. We will refill these confectioneries for a small fee on MONTHLY basis as a form of donation toward all our participating charity organisations                          

For every machine that sponsored by contributors or corporations, we are able to provide these benefit to our charity organisations on MONTHLY basis:

  • To provide long-term sustainability financial aid for charity organisations.
  • Contributes part of the medical fees for children in need.  
  • Will provide 2 nutrition meals for 3 children DAILY.  
  • Will provide education funds to 2 underprivileged children MONTHLY.  
  • Extra funds for us to reinvest into others social businesses, so more                  revenues will be generated to support more charity organisations and social    cause.  
  • To help and build a better society for our future generation.  
  • To create more awareness about our current social problems and                     contributing solutions towards the cause.  
  • “A feel good” feelings that money cannot buy.     

This is what we call a Sustainable Charity System. 

Here is a brief example of a sustainable charity system with the use of $50,000 as donation value and contributes to 20 charity organisations:-   

Normal donations.

If a donation fund of $50,000 contributed to 20 charity organisations based on one time donation. So, $50,000 divided by 20 charity organisations is $2,500, so each charity organisation will only received a ONE TIME OFF amount of $2,500.  


Sustainable charity system

If the donation fund of $$50,000 is invested into a social business concept, this will generate a long term SUSTAINABLE MONTHLY INCOME for the charity organisations.  
For example:  
With $50,000 investment, we are able to setup 100 units of candy machines and we will allocate 25% of the total revenue for donation purposes. Each machine will able to generate approx. income of $250 monthly.

$250 X 25% (allocated percentage for contribution to charity) = $50.00/machine.
$50.00 X 100 units of machines = $5,000 of monthly donating funds.
$5,000 divided by 20 charity organisations is $250 for each organisation monthly.
$250 monthly X 12 months = $3,000 yearly for each charity organisation. 
$3,000 yearly X 20 charity organisations = $60,000 of contributions for 20 charity.

With just a period of ONE year, we are able to provide 20 charity organisations 
$60,000 in donation value compares to $50,000 one time off donations.

Besides donations, we have included a REINVESTMENT PROGRAM into our business model, we will reinvest into furthering other social benefits such as:

Reinvest into other businesses to create more employment opportunities for the socially marginalized or handicapped communities.

Reinvest into setting up new businesses, so the socially marginalized or handicapped communities will be able to manage & owned the business.

To create other businesses by applying the same business model.

Emergency medical / healthcare, education funds, youth  development etc.       

This is a PROVEN SUSTAINABLE and EFFECTIVE system in the long term, instead of just donating ONE TIME OFF to the charity organisations


All we are asking for is just your ONE time donation amount of any amount you feel comfortable in supporting, in order for us to achieve this sustainable business concept for our underprivileged children.      

Your support and contributions are very important to help us kick-start this program.
We would also appreciate if you could:

SUPPORT US : so more children can have a life-changing hope and it will create a directly impact to their lives.   ·        

SPREAD THE MESSAGE : Please share this campaign to your friends, family, Facebook or email - whatever you can do to help us get the word out.

"We’re offering HOPE”. Our goal is to help and build a better society together, even if it is just a small way to give something back. It will make a BIG impact in someone else’s life, your contribution is far more valuable than anything as it will provides a ray of hope for the less fortunate.
We are just a small social enterprise with BIG DREAMS striving to be “THE BEST FOR THE WORLD”.

Above all else, we are selling LOVE and JOY.

Thank you very much for supporting our campaign.


Organized by

Ken Chin

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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