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Big Movement, Inc.

Instilling in today’s youth & young adults to be the greatest version of themselves through the outlet of musical creation, expression, and outreach. Tax ID 81-2177635


The B.I.G. (Breaking Into Greatness) Movement, a 501c3 non profit organization, began Spring 2011 as a local church choir, but has now grown to be a servant of the community. B.I.G. has enhanced its movement to be inclusive of all by providing programs and events for youth & young adults that want to perfect their musical gifts. Our purpose is to encourage young adults to engage in opportunities by being a part of something bigger than themselves while being dutiful servants to the community. To spread the true essence of “inspiration.”


Our goal at The B.I.G. Movement is to have every member embrace believing in themselves and something of greater importance than themselves that comes from a POSITIVE place! We also strive to build relationships with various institutions to provide an outlet and valuable resources for youth & young adults and bring awareness to inclusive community affairs.