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Welcome all the people who will read this letter!

I am the mother, Catherine Victorovna Poluyko, I want to tell you about yourself and my trouble. I'm 27 years old, I'm married, I live in the village. Telmanovo, Donetsk region. I very much wanted to have a baby, but has not been able because of my illness. And when finally learned that expecting a child - I was the happiest in the world. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, we named him Yaroslav affectionately call Yarik. Birthday Baby 15.03.2012 - was the happiest day for us.

Our joy was short-lived. For the second day in the hospital baby will be yellow. Doctors reassured, saying that it is jaundice and will soon pass. But time passed, and the jaundice did not go. Pediatrician treated, but nothing worked. Went in the direction of the consultation to the regional children's hospital in Donetsk. There passed all the required tests, waiting for an answer. Seeing them, the doctors are amazed. Bilirubin blood and all other figures are 10-20 times higher than normal.

We urgently hospitalized, as the child considered severe. Had to go to two infectious wards, but the diagnosis was all the time in question. It was only in the first surgical unit CSTO after diagnostic surgery 07.06.2012g. - Laparotomy: biopsy of the right lobe of the liver and bile ducts outside audit was diagnosed: Biliary atresia, hypoplasia of the gallbladder, a secondary outcome in hepatitis with biliary cirrhosis. Ascites. Congenital cytomegalovirus infection. After surgery, when the child's condition has stabilized we were discharged home under the supervision of pediatrician, gave advice to consult the clinic Kiev on addressing the issue on a liver transplant. Other treatment to save the child does not exist. Homes received documents that our child disabled since childhood.

Dump the trouble to drag ourselves away from the familiar life, breaking all the life plans, but not deprived of faith. We still believe that the cure of our beloved son - even if such a complex operation as a liver transplant. We are determined to fight for the kid's life. And only you have seen, as he fights like these drinks taste good medicine, though understand that if they do not survive. He shouts, struggling with pain, trouble sleeping, but eating and so far, thank God, is gaining weight. And when he had much pain right flank, and he has great size, he looks me in the eye, so shout and ask for help, but can not speak. My heart is torn apart from the fact that I can not help him.

Our Yarik seven months. In the four and a half months Slotted just two tooth. And when it does not bother the pain, it's so beautiful smiles. And he really likes to watch cartoon "Masha and the Bear" and a music channel. Loves toys, especially cars. Our small, dearest, tepid lump. We so love him, kissing him forever, he loves it, he feels that he is loved. No longer can we watch and hear the pain tormented our boy. It is urgent to save the kid!

Phoned the surgeon Kotenko from the clinic Shalimova in Kiev and went for a checkup. My father decided to become a donor for the baby. On the road and a survey collected bit by bit throughout the area. Glory to God! There are good people who responded and helped. A low bow to them and thank you! And here we are at the clinic Shalimov. Three weeks of the survey ... Finally the doctors verdict: Congenital malformation: anomaly biliary system - choledochal cyst. Biliary cirrhosis of the liver. Mixed jaundice. Portal vein thrombosis. Symptom of portal hypertension. Splenomegaly. Postoperative ventral hernia. Due to thrombosis of the portal vein is recommended for liver transplantation abroad.

University Hospital Saint-Luc (Belgium, Brussels) has agreed to take us and sent an invoice for payment transactions in the amount of 97,000 euros. Horror gripped us! Where to get a huge amount of money? For our family, this is a lot of money. We just terrible to think that now money talks - to live our child or not?

Therefore appeal to all who read this letter: "Dear people, please, I beg of you, who can help save the lives of our Yaroslavchik! Without your help we can not do! I hope and trust on the understanding and support from people who care about the baby! "

Many thanks to all and bow revoked!

Endeded cost of all :

97 000 euros - account for liver transplantation

5000 euro - postoperative rehabilitation

5000 euro - the first control

6210 Euros (690 Euros * 9 months) - accommodation

3600 Euros (400 Euros * 9 months) - Food

1500 euros - airline tickets



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