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The headaches began in July 2010. I thought nothing of it since I was working 12 hour days 6 days a week auditing. My wife and I were planning our wedding for May 2011. My father just had a scare with prostate cancer and had her gallbladder removed. We thought the worst was behind us. Boy were we wrong. As the headaches persisted, I just kept taking Tylenol to ease the pain. Then my vision started decreasing. I thought nothing of it. I told my wife that I needed to go to the eye doctor. I never really had eye problems before and didn’t wear glasses. Mid August 2010 I finally went to the eye doctor. I was dreading getting glasses. After the normal eye tests the doctor told me he couldn’t get me to 20/20 and I was legally blind. I remember not being able to see traffic lights and my computer at work. Being work obsessed I said I needed to go back to work so what do I need to do. He sent me to a few more doctors who said I had “an extension of the blind spot” and it should go away. Then I started to not be able to see at all. My wife and I took a trip over to Wills Eye here in Philadelphia. They gave me a MRI. As we sat in the waiting room we didn’t expect what the doctor was about to tell us. They had found a mass in my head. This was on August 31, 2010. My wife and I were shocked. I was diagnosed with a Craniopharyngioma. I ignored the symptoms thinking that it was just stress. I had the headaches and vision loss. I had an 11 hour surgery on September 3, 2010. The doctors removed most of it and I had six weeks of radiation for the rest. My procedure was done through my nose. This is a somewhat new procedure. A few years back my head would have been cut open. The money being raised helped minimized my side effects by improving techniques. Our team has been one of the top teams every year raising money. I am now involved in the Delaware Brain Tumor Walk and do the same thing I do for Philadelphia.



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