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The Brony Thank You Fund Incorporated

The Brony Thank You Fund Incorporat...
CROWDRISE : Jun 06, 2013
Tax ID: 45-5231499
BASED: Derry, NH, United States


The Brony Thank You Fund Inc...

A Better World for Kids

With your help, we can make the world a better place for kids and young adults to grown up in. Then they can concentrate on the important things, like watching great animation!

We were born of the Brony herd, people who appreciate My Little Pony, and all the other great animation that is available today. We want to show our thanks by helping to make the world better, so that the next generation of fans can have fun and learn, rather than worry about eating or paying for their education.

Tax ID: 45-5231499 •


Help Buck Cancer

Help Buck Cancer

Amount Raised:



0% Raised of $20,000 Goal

The Derpy Hooves Scholarship

The Derpy Hooves Scholarship

Amount Raised:



50% Raised of $15,000 Goal