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The Cambodia Consortium for out of School Children

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EVENT DATE: Dec 31, 2015

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Sokhoeun Say wrote -

BSDA History
Buddhism for Social Development Action (BSDA) is a Cambodian run NGO with humble roots. Its strong, values-based foundation has enabled the organization to weather many changes over the last decade. BSDA was founded by a group of seven monks living in Wat Nokor Bachey who believed very strongly in the Buddhist principles of loving-kindness and generosity.

Determined to help their community overcome mounting poverty and hardship, they founded BSDA in 2005 and shared their basic skills with the community such as English and playing the bonpit, a traditional Khmer musical instrument. All their activities at that time were self-financed but word of mouth attracted many local volunteers.

Soon, international donors attracted by the strong values base, clear focus on community needs, ethical service delivery and innovative approach helped finance new projects enabling BSDA’s to expand its reach and meet more of their community’s basic needs. The education program matured into the Mekong Kampuchea Kids Project, which today includes traditional Khmer Apsara dancing, English and computer classes, and vocational training. Local people were also struggling to access health services. To fill this communal need, BSDA reached out to people living with HIV/AIDS in Kampong Cham and began the Sustainable Action Against HIV/AIDS in Community (SAHACOM) and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Harm Reduction of Drug Abuse (HAPHRODA) projects. 

Today, BSDA has grown into an organization with over 60 staff and international volunteers, most of whom are field-based and work directly with project beneficiaries on a daily basis. We deliver programs in the fields of health, education, governance and livelihood development. As BSDA continues to work with young people and marginalized groups, we are more focused than ever on improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Education for All - An Integrated Approach from the Cambodia Consortium for Out of School Children (“CCOSC”)

Buddhism for Social Development Action (BSDA) will work on this program with a consortium of 16 other NGOs- a first for Cambodia- and together we hope to transform the educational prospects of vulnerable children all over Cambodia. Over 3.5 years BSDA will help get 550 out of school children into primary education by providing scholarships, a drop-in center and raising awareness among communities of the value of education. Even when the program ends, more vulnerable children will continue to benefit because we are breaking down the barriers to primary education. Gaining this education will make a positive difference to the rest of these children’s lives.


As a consortium we have already secured more than $9.5 million from highly-regarded funders in education to run this program. However, as well as contributing our own resources, BSDA still needs to raise over $95,000 in the next 2 years in order to deliver these vital services to children in Kampong Cham and we are depending on the generosity of supporters like you to achieve that goal

 Encourage and enable street and marginalized children from Kampong Cham and Kampong Siem Districts by providing informal education at our drop-in centers (“Happy Happy Center” and “Apsara Center”), and collaborating closely with community volunteers who act as counsellors for children and their families as well as providing children with the means to access primary school.  Improved quality and efficiency of educational services for street and marginalized children from Kampong Cham and Kampong Siem by providing teachers with educational tools that are suitable to the needs of OOSC.  Households involved with OOSC are more capable and willing of supporting education by helping them to improve their livelihood to support their children to go to school.  Through research and advocacy, the education environment will be improved and communities and key local actors (departments of education) will be better aware of the importance of education and local key actors will be more willing to reaching out to children. In order to achieve our objective and the four outcomes, BSDA has to secure funding for the following


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