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The candy store #Taste of childhood#

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Hello everyone. My name is KIRYLLZHDAN. I am 32 years old. Married. Live inthe town of Molodechno,Republic of Belarus. Higher education. I apologize for the translation, I don't know any foreign language and used the services of an online translator The project provides the opening of trading pavilion for sale of assortment of confectionery products. This range includes: candy, chocolate, biscuits and pastries long-term storage of the Belarusian and Russian manufacturers. To purchase the merchandise you plan the big manufacturers and suppliers. I plan to create jobs for themselves and to hire two employees from among the unemployed of our city. * Trading of pavilion equipment and product at the initial stage of business development will create 2 jobs for the unemployed registered in the employment Center Molodechno, to provide stable income and tax payments to the budget Molodechno. Selected products for implementation - candy, chocolate, biscuits and pastries long-term storage is in high demand among the population, both for own consumption and as gifts. The majority of buyers of confectionery products belong to the category of the working population with a stable average income, and have limited time for shopping, they look for opening hours of the shopping pavilion, a pleasant interior of the place of purchase, the wide range and quality of the product. The presence in assortment of the goods of known manufacturers, has already earned the trust of customers will help attract customers and ensure a stable revenue. The products will be mainly local (Republic of Belarus) production and predominantly economy class. It is also planned to implement the qualitative production of confectionery factories of the Russian Federation. This increases the attractiveness of products for consumers in the period of low income. In addition to a good location of shopping center I will have another advantage over other sellers of confectionery products in the area. I will create a so-called "home" in the shopping pavilion. This implies thoughtful interior design that will create a good mood to buyers. The location of goods on display and the stands will be decorated in a planned style. There will be no boxes, trays, etc. For the display of goods plan to use the vases, bowls, wicker baskets, etc. In the display of goods and the interior design will include elements of "home decor"- napkins, tablecloths, cushion, etc. Getting investment to start their own trade pavilion will allow the project initiator to create 2 jobs, to enter the retail market with quality products in demand, to attract customers, provide revenue and tax payments to the budget Molodechno. The specific activities in the business organization requires special attention to the location of the future of trade pavilion. So I open a trade pavilion in the very convenient and walkable location in the street F. Skorina Molodechno, Minsk region, so its location was convenient for customers, who come in cars, and for buyers without a car. Shopping near the pavilion there is a car Park for 10 cars. Given the location of competitors and their range I must, I will conduct weekly monitoring for the purpose of exhibiting its products in the most successful for the consumer price. The main disadvantages of my competitors is their "one size fits all" design of trading floors, the relatively high prices on sold products, which do not take into account the dynamics of wages of the population of Molodechno. The main advantages of my trade pavilion are: - ability to lower prices and improve product quality through the acquisition of goods from wholesale suppliers from Belarus and Russia; - location (availability of Parking and/transportation); - the design of the pavilion in a thoughtful manner; - polite and attentive attitude to each customer. Need people in the use of confectionery products has always been and always will be, so my point of sale will satisfy the needs of customers all. I have experience of working in retail. Earlier I was engaged in legal support of transactions. Know the specifics of work from the inside. This is a brief description of my business. I have developed a business plan that calculated all the risks I may encounter while working on your project.I have a smallsavings(about$ 500), whichis alsogoing tostartmy business. To interested persons I can send a copy of the business plan (in RUSSIAN) by e-mail. My contact information: e-mail my phone number +375-29-561-40-69 In my team there is a professional accountant who will help me for free at the initial stage of business. This is my childhood friend. The reason I decided to turn to you for simple Finance - in the Republic of Belarus it is impossible to get government help to start a business. And banks issue loans at very high interest rates, which will not allow to start a profitable business. I know that in the world live responsive people who are not indifferent to the requests of others. I will be very grateful if you could help me start a business of my dreams. Instead, I would suggest you all to visit the future in our beautiful state (to enjoy the charming nature) and visit the shop we would open. I guarantee to inform you about all the stages of opening of the store with a detailed photo report. Thank you and peace to you and your family!



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