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Joe Tillman's Fundraiser:

The Child Protection Community

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Joe Tillman via Crowdrise
December 08, 2010

Children are a common thread to us all, regardless of ages, color, zip codes etc. Let us unify our voices whenever possible working together  See more


Joe Tillman


You are probably wondering, what is "The Child Protection Community"? Well, we are people just like you who realize our children need help in today’s world, we are tired of the endless crimes and negligence that our society has allowed to flourish against our children in our neighborhoods and worldwide . This is where paths are crossed, from the individual, to the largest groups, and everyone in between. We lend support to each other's ideas, efforts, petitions, rallies, any and all efforts to make a difference in the lives of our children. We are louder, stronger, more informed, better equipped, more effective and harder to ignore, when we stand together. Regardless of the causes we support, or the efforts we pursue, the desire to protect and nurture our children is the same for all of us. We do not see it as someone else's problem, or someone else's child, we see it as our child, and our problem! Too many times, groups loose themselves in the fight, feeling they are not big enough or loud enough to make a change or difference by themselves. The same is true of the individual, both wanting and trying to make a difference, yet realizing they can not go it alone and give up over time! Feeling frustrated, defeated, and hopeless, as well as helpless. NO MORE!
The Child Protection Community works like this:

One group or effort that is active in pedophile awareness and another group that is active in missing children, would it be so difficult for those two groups to lend support to one another?

How about a group feeding the hungry and a group that helps with special needs children, working together to help each other as needed and whenever beneficial to each others goals and of course our children?

Multiply that x 5, x 20, x 50, x 100, x 500, x 10,000 groups joining together! Imagine an elected official getting e-mails and handwritten letters from 50 groups at once, on one issue! Instead of one group trying to tackle it alone? How hard would it be for us to be ignored then?

How many more children would be affected and helped if we all stood together? That is The Child Protection Community WHY BE ONE VOICE WHEN YOU CAN BE THOUSANDS?



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