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As a 7 year old Bible-based nondenominational church, we do our best to resemble the type of church that Jesus Himself would run. We use our abandoned school building to serve many spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our community members through several different outreach ministries. Tax ID 34-1759382


We are Located in the former Portage Elementary School building directly across from the Ottawa County Airport on State Road in Port Clinton, Ohio. Our address is 745 South Lake Road PO Box 34 Gypsym, Oh 43433.

Since we reach out to so many people who are poor, young, hurt, divorced, disabled, elderly, jailed or addicted, we rely completely on God's provision to keep our church functioning the way He has called us to. The people that we reach out to and the kind of ministries we provide don't always translate to church revenue. That is why we are listing our church on this fundraiser. All donations and proceeds go back into supporting this church, its ministries and its operations.


Let me share some of the many ministries that we provide to the surrounding areas:

FOOD PANTRY - Our pantry is open twice a week, and we are currently serving over 300 local families, and it continues to grow. This has given our volunteers so many chances to meet people, pray for them, give out employment information, and give them encouragement. Our pantry used to give out food with no questions asked until we started seeing some bad practices. We felt like we were doing a great thing for the community, yet the same young people without jobs or a want to work were coming to the pantry for years and would be stuck in their poverty cycle.  As a result, we would run out of food and the seniors, disabled people, and hard working single moms and families would have to go without. This was not good stewardship of our food, nor was it biblical. Therefore we began to ask healthy 18-55 year olds who were not working to do one hour of work in one of our many ministries in order to get food. This would help them in return take ownership in their poverty, feel good about getting food, and provide some job training. This solved the problem of our less able-bodied residents of not getting enough food. Sadly, many of the young non-working people stopped coming to our pantry. Now, we serve nearly all disabled and elderly people who are either on a fixed income, or do not have the ability to provide a good enough living for their families due to a disability. Even though this is a much more biblical approach, one of the government run food banks stopped supplying us with their food. They said we can not put any conditions on the people for receiving food. So we now go without their food and rely on donations from other people.

TRUTH RESALE STORE - Our building houses a thrift store that is open 3 days a week. This store sells items at a fraction of the cost of other similar stores. We try to meet the needs of many people who can not afford the high prices of new clothes, household items, furniture and toys. We donate anything we cannot sell to a local homeless shelter. If someone is in need then we will gladly pay for whatever they need from the store. In those cases, we always point them to God for the provision. We believe in creating a dependance on God, not on us.


COMMUNITY MEAL - Every Wednesday, we serve a hot meal for anyone that wants to come. Afterwards, we have children's church, student ministry for teens, and adult Bible Study. People are not required to stay after the meal. In the warmer months, our church holds this free meal in the downtown public park for all to join.

COMMUNITY SERVICE WORK - Our church is strongly connected with the Ottawa County court systems. Many times the courts will sentance low-level offenders to community service work at our church. This has been an incredible way for our church staff and volunteers to get to know many troubled people who need a second chance. It is rewarding for them and for us to invest time and love in their lives.

OPEN GYM - Since we have a former school building, we have an elementary sized basketball gym. This gym has been used by our local public schools for practices of all sports. We have had concerts, volleyball and basketball leagues as well and countless other activities. Our current Sunday night basketball league hosts up to 30 young adults who not only come to play, but they come to hear our pastor share a short Bible lesson as well.

There are many more ministries that we could list but the bottom line is that we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. If God puts it on your heart to pray and/or give a financial donation, then you can rest assured that this is good soil to sow into! Thank you for your consideration and God bless.