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The Community School is designed for two groups of individuals. The first group includes students in junior high and high school (ages 12-18 years old) who have had difficulty keeping pace in traditional academic settings, and who need more emphasis on social-emotional development, communication and relationship skills, and contextual, experiential learning. The second group includes individuals over 18; these young adults in transition may need support in living skills, job support, or college support. This program offers a nurturing and highly interactive learning environment built around experiences of strong personal interest. We are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, enabling students who are ready to work towards a high school diploma to do so.

The Community School is one of several schools in the country to address the needs of students using Stanley Greenspan's DIR Model. This model asserts that social-emotional development provides an essential foundation for complex logical, higher order thinking. Other private schools in the Atlanta metropolitan area focus their programs primarily on specific learning disabilities; this school also provides an explicit, intensive focus on emotional development within a small, well-supported community.

We visualize a world in which the social-emotional foundations of learning are recognized as the essential part of any education program. We also visualize a world in which all students with learning and developmental challenges are served in schools that give them opportunities to strengthen their self-awareness, emotional flexibility, and relationship-building abilities as a primary means to social and cognitive success.