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The CONNECT Academy is a Generation 19 open enrollment charter school applicant. We will be applying for charter authorization from the Texas Education Agency in February 2014. 

The CONNECT Academy will serve students in grades 6-8 in its first year and will subsequently add a grade level every year until we reach grade 12.

The CONNECT Academy will be a dynamic educational institution designed to meet the holistic needs of students in Fort Bend Country.  Taking the concept of college prep to the next level, TCA will offer students a rich and rigorous college preparatory curriculum, college-like experiences and atmosphere, academic/visual and performing arts/athletic concentrations, wrap-around services (i.e mental health and minor healthcare), and character development/resilience training. 

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to directly address student performance, engagement, and social and emotional development by “arming” students with the knowledge, tools, and connections needed during their academic careers in order to gain and be successful beyond their educational experience.  Our long term goal is to challenge students to take an active role in their education, think critically and innovatively, navigate and maintain positive working relationships, explore and realize their inherent potential, and effectively plan for the future. With strong leadership, highly-qualified teachers, and a strong work ethic, The CONNECT Academy will successfully meet its mission to:

To provide a safe environment where adolescents may grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.
To provide opportunities to learn and enhance students’ skill base for future success.
To nurture, shape, and encourage the formation of goals, dreams, and aspirations.
To provide a complete, quality education to our students.

Funding Needs

We are currently seeking funding for our startup year expenses. With any organization, starting up requires a tremendous amount of preparation, work, and funding. Your funding and donations will assist with site selection and securing a facility, purchasing instructional materials, supplies, equipment, and furniture, launching highly qualified staff and student recruitment campaigns, and launching promotion and marketing campaigns. Additionally, your donations will help us to fund our summer enrichment program, Camp CONNECT, which will provide a safe place for our prospective students to participate in arts education, community services, educational field trips, and academic preparation during the summer before we open. 

TCA seeks to address the following student and community needs: 

The need to effectively address the profound impact of poverty on the quality of education. 

The need to increase student performance and contribute to closing the achievement gap for low income students. 

The need to establish more educational programs that incorporate arts education. 

The need to address student needs from a holistic perspective, taking into consideration non-academic needs. 

The need to provide students and their parents with alternative educational environment choices.  

The CONNECT Academy’s core values and beliefs are as follows:

-   All students can learn and have limitless potential.  If provided with the right resources and educational opportunities, students can and will discover their talents, passions, and strengths which will positively influence their academic performance and educational experience.

·  Today’s preparation makes for tomorrow’s success.  Preparing students for life after graduation involves teaching them both academic and life skills needed to manage time effectively, improve organization and study skills, foster critical thinking, set goals, identify and prepare for challenges and obstacles, cope effectively with intense emotions in a healthy manner, and develop resilient thinking skills.

·  It takes a village to educate a child. Students are adequately educated through the collective effort of administration, instructors, school staff, and their parents.  No one entity can or should operate independently, as each plays an intricate role in the academic, social, mental, and emotional development of the student.

·  Character development and resilience training is essential to success. Character development and resilience training affords students the motivational, social, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills needed to foster healthy, productive working relationships with their peers, families, communities, and others. As students begin to learn skills and nurture new habits, they will begin to see benefits in their current academic endeavors and later in their college and work experiences.

·  When learning is meaningful, relevant, and applicable, student become actively engaged in the learning process. Learning becomes meaningful and effective if students are given the opportunity to link their school activities to real-life experience.According to Westwater & Wolfe (2000) information that the brain determines is important is much more likely to be attended to, stored, and later retrieved than that which the brain decides is meaningless or of little consequence.



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