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Cody Smith's Fundraiser:

The Corridor Run

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EVENT DATE: May 17, 2014

Cody Smith


I am running the bluenose half marathon in the hopes of raising a little money and awareness for the organization Panthera.

The Panthera organization is focused on a wide range of conservation strategies to protect large predatory animals world wide.

My run will be didicated to the Corridor Initiative. This project is the larget of it's kind and is focused on a transormative conservation strategy. The project's end goal is to link isolated patches of forest to create corridores for wildlife to pass through. This initiative is focused around the jaguar, a large predatory animal lacated across Central and South America. 

Jaguars use and require protected areas, where their core populations can thrive. But they move beyond protected areas, through landscapes, across rivers and canals, over hills and mountain passes; even through marginally developed areas, in search of food, space, and security, and in order to breed, to pass along their genes, into the future.

A jaguar corridor is a cattle ranch, a citrus plantation, someone’s backyard – a place where jaguars can pass through safely and unharmed. Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative seeks to realize this vision of linking core jaguar populations within the human landscape from northern Argentina to Mexico, preserving their genetic integrity so that jaguars can live in the wild forever. Through multilateral partnerships, government support, and local buy-in, Panthera is the driving force behind this unique initiative, ensuring safe passage for the majestic and mysterious jaguar across its entire range.

While the jaguar remains the top predator in the region, and serves as a sign of healthy ecosystems, it is by no means out of harm’s way. The jaguar is currently threatened throughout its range because of three main reasons: Massive habitat loss, hunting (by those who view jaguars as threats to their livelyhood, such as farmers), and loss of natural prey (connected to the loss of habitat).

Saving jaguars range-wide is a winning strategy for conserving vast landscapes and ecosystem functions, and preserving human health and livelihoods. While Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative is streamlined and focused on jaguars, the impacts go far beyond. By ensuring the survival of an apex predator in an environment, this project is effectively ensuring the survival of the local ecosystem.


If you would like more details about this project please have a look at the Panthera Corridor Project informational brochure:



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