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As of November 9th, 2007, Adam Braseel continues to serve a life sentence as an innocent man for crimes he had no knowledge of! Adam has resided at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison for the past five of the the six years that he has been incarcerated. During these emotionally and physically trying times, Adam Braseel considers himself humbly blessed. Adam has missed important events, special occasions, elections, and knows nothing of all the uses of simple technology. Adam celebrated the 30th year of his life last April 5th. Adam is two weeks into recovering from ACL and Meniscus knee surgery, in which he was given no protocol! Adam's wife and his family have literally been ripped right out from under him.

NOTHING is more important to Adam Braseel than learning and speaking the truth from God's inspired Word, other than his, mine, and your (a stranger) salvation!

My name is Christina Braseel. I have been diligently working on my brother's case since 2007. I have no regrets of any time spent or of any money spent. No, not one thing. I would do this all over again because my innocent brother, Adam Braseel, does not belong in prison! I have been trying to learn why anyone could let this happen to an innocent young man and how they can continue walking around with a good conscience. I have been working with a remarkable criminal attorney out of Knoxville, Douglas Trant, and a extraordinary private investigator from Chattanooga, William Bevil to prove Adam's innocence. I have great confidence that they will provide the appropriate judges the evidence that Adam's rights were violated, and that he did not get a fair trail. The evidence proves that Adam Braseel is an innocent man! They have more than an adequate amount of prosecutorial and police misconduct issues. This team will prove that due to ineffective assistance of council, that the outcome of the trial would have produced a different verdict.

Adam was convicted of these crimes: murder, felony murder, especially aggravated robbery, criminal attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault. There is a substantial amount of evidence that prove the impossibility of Adam's involvement. These facts can not be ignored, but they have been! We are now awaiting a hearing to present these facts and pray that Adam will be granted a new trial.
A lot of people wonder how I ended up with this burden. First, my brother is not a burden. Second, I am thankful for it. Through this bad situation, I have grown into a strong Christian women! The only thing I knew going into this was to let God guide me, and do my very best. There were no other choices. I have truly given all of my worries to God. Through God, Adam's strength and faith is amazing! He looks to God's word everyday for every answer and let's His word reflect in his daily life. I am so blessed to be able to talk to Adam and visit him. He teaches me so much! Is it not ironic, my baby brother is the one that I learn from. He is the one that keeps my spirits up, and yet he is the one looking at spending the rest of his life in prison?

Most all of the people know that I am not one to ask for anything! If I could not get it myself or do it myself, I would either buy it, hire someone to help me or do without. Through my bible studies, I have learned that it is not wrong to ask for help. The bible teaches that I am not to be prideful, but to be humble and grateful instead. So with humility and gratefulness, I am desperate for your help!

Here is a break down of why I am asking for financial support;
1. Attorney fee, $55,000
2. Investigator, (approximately) $10,000
3. Money for Adams food, clothes, stamps and commissary necessities
4. Phone money
5. Gas to go to visits, and money for food while there.

I am sure I will think of more later, but I believe you understand why I am so desperate for any help. One good thing is, I only owe the attorney $13,000 and the investigator $8000. I have made an honest effort to pay the attorney's fee off before we go to trial. I have proven that I am trustworthy, and that I hold unfailing love for my brother. Most of all, I have proven my faith in the good Lord. I am as confident in Mr. Trant and Mr. Bevil's efforts as they are in mine, but that only gets me so far. I need your help! You may not think this can happen to you, or to someone you know or love, but it can, and it has!

This is a major effort to try to raise as much money as I can. I have gotten some wonderful support from so many, and for that, I am truly grateful! I feel like we will get a hearing date real soon. I have got to present all the money I can so I can focus on a new trial and not as much on fundraising challenges. I believe Mr. Trant will continue on with the trial without being paid in full, but I have no time to take any chances, not this close, not for an innocent man's sake! Please, tell everyone you know, weather it is $50.00 to $5000.00, everything will be helpful and appreciated so much! You can send any money to : Christina Braseel 6698 SR Hwy. 50 Pelham, TN 37366 or to donate online, go to the website. Again, any amount will help! May God bless you abundantly for any efforts and for all prayers!

May God return to you the kindness you have shown to me,

Christina Braseel, please visit for all details


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