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CROWDRISE : Feb 26, 2012
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Our Mission

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     The Do Write Campaign calls for teens around the world to submit writing, photography, political opinion pieces, artwork, and videography in order to participate in the online literary magazine. The Do Write movement emphasizes fearlessness with one’s art and a sense of inner revelation through words and images. Do Write hopes to instill in young people that life isn’t about what you look like or what college you go to, where you live or how much money you earn. Life is about being head over heels in love with expression and freedom and holding onto the things in life that fill you up. It is about ignoring all of the “noise” around you, letting others call you crazy, and understanding that craziness is greatness.  Expression is voicing the longing, the frighteningly deep need, to find love and be loved by the people who make you feel like waking up each day is right. Expression is the realization that the truth has more power than one is able to explain, and that each of us will find where we truly belong by holding onto being fifteen years old and traveling the world and befriending others with lives much different than our own.

            The Do Write Conference of July 2012 is based on the idea of bringing together ambitious young women who, despite being from very different walks of life, share a common passion for determining the future of female empowerment and contributing their life experiences with others through writing and photography. The Do Write Conference of 2012 will take place in Cape Town, South Africa and Port Elizabeth, South Africa, respectively. The Do Write Conference will consist of many group discussions pertaining to global issues that we as women face, and Skype sessions with some of the world’s leading experts on domestic violence, abuse, and women’s rights. Some of the discussions we have will address issues like abuse and violence, while others may simply be about our dreams as individuals and how we can make them come true together. The conference will also contain writing workshops in which the young women will write about assigned topics and share with the group. There will also be opportunity for the young women to venture into the townships of Port Elizabeth with the professional staff of the Ubuntu Education Fund and take photos, which they will then discuss. We are looking for 10 young women from the United States, ranging from the ages of 13-18. The Ubuntu Education Fund, a highly credible non-profit organization in Port Elizabeth, has agreed to contribute 10 of their young teens as well to participate. The Do Write Conference will be the first gathering of teenagers initiated by a teenager. This conference is OURS one hundred percent. We ARE the next generation. Adults can no longer decide what it is we care about, what we should talk about, the problems we should fix. It is up to us. And we must start now. Please help me raise funds to bring together such a passionate group of individuals! Thank you!



Tax ID: 20-3157451 •


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